Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When Americans start shooting back, it's going to get damn ugly.

How far away are we from getting ready to start shooting back--at our own government and our own citizens?

In New York City, the bastion of political correctness, fairness, racial harmony and idealistic government (where's that puking smiley thing when I need it?), the jackboots in the Sanitation Department chased down an 83-year-old woman and wrote her a $100 ticket.

For tossing her newspaper in a trash can on the sidewalk.

According to the story from CBS:

The Sanitation Department has a platoon of enforcement agents tasked with enforcing litter basket laws.

Marvelous. Our hard-earned tax dollars going to support a platoon of jackbooted pissants assigned to the trash of New York City. And if you dare question the Sanitation division of the NYC Gestapo Stasi, you get chased down and ticketed.

Or, as was reported in the story, "they'll threaten to put you away." Neat trick since these assholes have no powers of arrest.

In Charlotte, North Carolina a church got fined by the tree police for "improperly trimming its crepe myrtle tree." They were fined $100 per improperly or illegally trimmed branch.

If I were a member of that church, I would not turn the other cheek.

$4700 was the fine from the Tree Turds of Charlotte, who brags about having a 33-year-old ordinance designed to "protect trees."

Hey, B.S. to that. If it's MY property and a tree is on it, then it is MY tree--not the blankety-blank government's. But as sheople, we let the government rum amok.

My gosh, when we can no longer throw a newspaper in a public trash can or prune our own trees on our own property without some power-hungry loser of a human being chasing us down, writing us tickets and then threatening to "put us a way," what the hell kind of country have we become?

Land of the Free?

Don't think so.


RVN11B said...

I am having a bit of difficulty in wrapping my brain around this spate of stupidity!

Unless I misread the two articles those trees were on private property. And in the case of the church trees, they were regularly trimmed every couple of years or so.

So how in the hell did the city decide they had the power to make up such a 'useless' law?

And as for the trash episode....are they kidding me? Would they rather the old lady just dump the trash on the street?

I thank all that is good with the universe that I live in the real world.

Ron said...

This is highly on my mind today. I wrote a post today and linked to a video where a woman was ARRESTED while speaking in a town hall meeting. She was given the floor to speak by the head of the committee but as soon as her comments started to debunk the council, they ordered her arrest!

If you have time, come see for yourself and tell me what you would do? I'm not sure how to handle it so I'm asking for opinions.

Old NFO said...

AOA, this is all coming to a head a LOT quicker than any of us thought it would... I'm truly hoping we DON'T end up shooting people, but I'm really beginning to wonder...