Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two faced bastards.

I've got an appointment to put some new tires on my full-size Chevy extended cab pickup truck this Friday morning.

Going back to Michelins. I'd boycotted just about everything French after 9/11, but now, ten years later, France has a decent and somewhat democratic and capitalism-minded president and we we have a stinking bed-wetting commie socialist blundering about our capitol.

So, the tires. I'd been using BF Goodrich Radial T/A's. Problem is, they're only rated for 50,000 miles and no matter what I did (air pressure, rotation, etc), I'd do good to even get 30,000 miles out of them.

I've never failed to get at least the rated miles out of a set of Michelins, so I'm going back to them.

I also got better fuel mileage with the Michelins. And with gas prices what they are, I'll take every break I can get.

Funny thing about gas prices these days versus just a few years ago back in 2008.

Back then, the gas prices were all George W. Bush's fault and proved the cronyism between him, Cheyney and their oil buddies.

This is a brief, yet excellent video presentation of the blatant, infuriating hypocrisy that exists with our Democrats and their lapdog, the media.

You might want to have some blood pressure medication handy afterward. Once again, I find myself reaching for the frosted mug and a longneck bottle of Coors Light.

Funny how back in 2008, the high gas prices were threatening to destroy our country and ruin our economy, yet today, are a blessing--and even saving lives!

What a bunch of typical bullshit from our media.

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Kim said...

So I wonder what the increase in price on milk, bread, and juice saves and helps? Poor starving kids in Africa? Pull on the heart strings so we feel good about the fact I am lucky to feed 7 on my budget when even 6 months ago I was able to stock up my freezer and pantry and have money left over.