Friday, June 19, 2015

It's your mess, Obama, but we're having to clean it up.

So the usurper-in-chief, at yet another in his endless string of campaigning fundraisers, calls for Hollyweird to "mobilize against gun violence."

That's rich.

The number one purveyor of "gun violence" in the entire world is Hollywood via its zillions of silver screen and made-for-DVD films in which over the years a literal Niagra Falls of blood has cascaded. From B-minus horror slasher flicks to the rapt stupidity of endless Rambo sequels, Hollywood has done more to teach Americans new and creative ways to take life.

And now the coward-in-chief, who rode Hollywood money and support to the White House in 2008 and 2012, is asking Hollywood to mobilize against the very entity they continue to propagate today. Note that he didn't ask them to stop glorifying such gratuitous violence or to stop using firearms recklessly in their films, or even for them to rid themselves of their own armed security guards, bodyguards and personal firearms.

But aside from the White House squatter being a world-class hypocrite, he's also an absolute idiot.

Obama rode to power on the pigment of his skin. Period. He had no record in the Senate, other than voting "present" on those rare occasions he drug himself away from "community organizing" to grace Capitol Hill with his imminence. He never had a private sector job and his extremely questionable background and constitutional qualifications for the job have been well documented.

His half-blackness magically became all-blackness so far as the media and fawning liberals were concerned. And Obama wasted no time exploiting it. From the incident in Cambridge when he accused the (white) cops of acting stupidly against a (black) professor, and then invited everyone to the White House "for a beer," the usurper exposed his agenda.

Then came Trayvon Martin and the infamous "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon" position. Then Ferguson where he personally stoked the fires and added fuel to them and rallied the thugs onward. Then Baltimore and now Charleston.

Obama has single-handedly set race relations in this nation back to pre-WWII sub-levels. And now he thinks draconian gun-control will change everything.

As is his modus operandi, he blatantly and wantonly lies through his bleached teeth to set his agenda by claiming that "only in America do we have mass-shootings." Sixty-seconds spent on a Google search exposes the fallacy of this intentional lie.

And intentional it is. His remarks were prepared for him and approved by him. With the blood of the Charlie Hebdo victims having just barely dried, surely Mr. Obama couldn't have already forgotten about that the way he did Benghazi? Or could it be because Charlie Hebdo was the result of distant cousins of Obama--radical Muslims--he wants to ignore this, even in a country like France where legally obtaining and possessing and carrying a fully-automatic firearm is no easy task?

By now I'm sure most of you have seen the internet memes and bulleted call-outs of all the mass-shootings that have taken place around the world in just the past few years: Scotland, Germany, Norway. . . to name a few.

So asking Hollywood, who produces violence-filled movies and ships them all over the globe, to mobilize for gun control will stop what happened in Charleston?

I have a better idea. How about our race-baiting attention and media whores quit working overtime to undo fifty years of progress in race relations? Who wins when the races become divided? Do whites? Blacks? Hispanics? Martians or Venusians? Who gets the power, the money, the perks when the races divide?

Not you or me, that's for certain.

I'll close this by saying that Obama and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson never have worked in the private sector or had a real job (you know, where you have to accomplish and build/produce something) in their entire life. But they live in nicer homes than what I have and wear more expensive clothes and eat at fancier, more expensive restaurants. Look how the heads of the Ku Klux Klown type groups live and what they drive. When is the last time you or I have been invited to the White House versus Al Sharpton?

There's money in hate. And with money comes power. More hate equals more money which results in more power.

But it only works if they can keep the hate going.

I refuse to participate.