Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm sick and damn tired of welfare cheats.

Son of a bitch.

I'm so mad right now that it wouldn't surprise me if my blood pressure is nearing stroke level. The irony of that would be that if I DID have a stroke and got rushed to the emergency room, I'd have to wait behind a bunch of goddamn illegals, medicaid parasites and other welfare cheats who were in for such life-threatening maladies like a sore throat or a sprained ankle.

Think I'm kidding? Head down to your nearest large city indigent care emergency room. Check out the human debris that litters the waiting area. Check out the trash and general mess they leave behind--which we pay for, all on our nickel.

Meanwhile, working citizens with insurance that we paid for out of our own pockets via our JOBS wait in line, unless perhaps you begin barfing or projectile bleeding all over some El Salvadorean immigrant in for a toothache, and thus inconvenience him or his perpetually pregnant girlfriend.

So, I'm drinking some blood pressure medication as I type this, also known as Coors Light, so as not to risk a trip to the local medical zoo. I keep several frosted mugs in the big freezer for just such emergencies.

But what got this rant really going was yet another experience at a pharmacy/drug-store this evening.

A young black woman in stylish cut-offs, high-heels and expensive blouse "hobbles" up to the counter to get her painkillers. I hear the cashier say, "No charge." The woman turns to her boyfriend, dressed like a New Orleans pimp, and says, "Ain't dis Medicaid great!"

I tell the cashier to put my prescription back so I can follow this couple up to the front of the store. The woman stopped to grab a handbasket full of box candy like you buy at the movie theater. Her pimp/boyfriend/squeeze/what-the-hell-ever goes over by where they keep the cold drinks and fills up his handbasket with Starbucks Frappaccino drinks--each one costing over $2.

Up to the head cash register they go and I get in line behind them with just a plain Coke.

I was curious about something, and I wasn't to be disappointed.

The female parasite fished around in a designer leather wallet until she found her food stamps card--known as an Electronic Benefits Transaction card, or EBT for short.

By the way, did you know these slugs can also get freaking CASH with these things?

The female parasite used her welfare card to buy her candy. As she was putting it back in her designer leather wallet, I saw an American Express Gold Card, two Platinum Visa cards, a Master Card, Discover Card and a host of department store cards. They weren't hard to see as the parasitic bitch made a point of flashing them to the cashier and those of us in line.


The pimp is next and buys his Starbucks with his OWN EBT CARD!

I so wanted to follow them out to the parking lot to see what kind of "ride" they were driving, courtesy of us taxpayers, but given the combination of my now extremely volatile mood, these assholes' cocky arrogant "urban hipster" attitude and posture, AND the fact that I am armed at all times, I (wisely) decided a trip to jail wasn't the best thing for me this Friday evening.

So I gritted my teeth and simply glared at these two piece of shit. The pimp looked at me funny and I bored a hole in him. All I saw was crosshairs right between his eyes. For the record, I am not a pretty guy to look at and early on in my federal law enforcement days, my partner's wife often joked about me definitely not having a "welcome wagon" face. Age has done nothing to soften that.

The pimp looked like he wanted to say something and I was silently BEGGING him to say something so that I could then say, "This piece of shit started the whole mess, your Honor."

I knew better, but even us middle-age guys are entitled to our fantasies now and then.

The two pieces of human shit left, and I asked the cashier why the hell didn't they ask for ID when food stamp frauds like that bought stuff.

"Against the law," she said.


Since WHEN is it against the law for a business merchant to ensure that the person giving them a goddamn GOVERNMENT ISSUED PAYMENT CARD is in fact the person entitled, strike that, wrong word, authorized to use it?

Of course, I also don't understand why U.S. citizens are not allowed to patrol our national borders armed to the teeth in order to repel borders and illegal invaders. Makes no damn sense to me.

The stupid, arrogant, fraudulent son of a bitch that poses as our president goes on tv and tells retirees and veterans, of which I'm one, that "he can't guarantee that those social security and veterans' checks will be issued."

But I'll guaran-damn-tee you that his piece of shit welfare cheat constituency will get their EBT cards and welfare cards and Section 8 housing allowances and medicaid and all the other bullshit he promised them.

Two words for you, Mr. President.

Two words. . .


Mudbug said...


Keep taking your blood pressure medicine. The barley in it grows down the street from me. Literally.

Second, consider a move. I did. I was tired of seeing the excrement of society in Louisiana and moved to South Colorado (not just to be closer to blood pressure medicine) and there are those parasites on welfare, but people who use that are embarrassed to be on assistance and hide it from others. Me and the wife have a hard time guessing who is on assistance nowadays and it really makes us smile to not have to see the fecal material that roamed the aisles of walmart in Baton Rouge.

Lastly, just smile like I do at the fact that when the SHTF, they will be the first to die due to lead injection or because they can't buy starbucks and candy anymore and there's only 1 day of food in their house and Uncle Sam won't be riding up in an Escalade to save their sad asses.

Happy Hunting,


Kim said...

How hard would it be to add a credit check to the paperwork for all the entitlements? What gets me is that people who actually deserve help. Men and women hurt at work and now unable to do so, women who married a man very good at hiding his true colors until he beat the shit out of her, people with real hardship and disability who turn to government as a last ditch. For them it takes months sometimes YEARS of denials and reapplying before they can get help. But you walk in with any skin color but white or an accent and instant help.

Irish said...

Now you got MY blood pressure UP!!

Coors light for me.

I can only imagine the frustration you felt and the anger. Why aren't these people drug-tested? Why DON"T they have to show ID? I had the same experience the other day.. 2 low lifes bought candy and cokes with an EBT card. NO may I see your ID. NO gee you can't buy that crap. No Nothing..just went on thier merry way...

I will cross post this as well as email and facebook. This is SUCH a waste of taxpayers money.

The day of reckoning is coming and its getting here faster and faster.

Thanks... now I have to go drinking..... :)

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, but maybe we are where we are because we think we have to control our blood pressure?

Heaven forbid if we get mad and take our country back. Haven forbid if there is bloodshed. Heaven forbid...

Blue said...

We have those ass-clowns here too...

I'm with Curtis on "Heaven forbid...."

I prefer bourbon. It makes me think clearer ;)

Great blog you've got here, BTW.

Old NFO said...

And to throw MORE on the BP fire, THOSE are the assholes that will get paid BEFORE social security checks and military pay goes out if the obamallama has his way... Treasury holds the power to designate who gets paid first, and guess who controls that??? Sigh...

DaddyBear said...

I too prefer bourbon. I ought to throw a couple mini bottles of Kentucky's finest in my laptop bag for just those sorts of occasions.

I've always said that Americans tend to be charitable towards those who truly need help. But the majority of those who take our help nowadays are able bodied adults who prefer to let someone else bankroll their bad habits.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Once a summer, we manage to save up enough cash to go get a 1/2 bushel of crabs.

Last year I'm waiting for mine, and had the pleasure of witnessing this scene...

The ... FEMALE... thing -- it was no "lady" and - given her attitude - not adult enough to call "woman" either -- at the counter was cussing the shop's owner up one side and down the other...

It was "cracker" this and "honky" that -- along with the ubiquitous "racist" -- otherwise, the only other words I could decipher were expletives unfit for typing where they might be read by actual Ladies...

She was tearing this poor man a new one -- as he kept calmly saying "Look, we go through this every time you come in. I don't make the rules -- if you have a problem with it then take it up with the agency..."

Her problem?

He wouldn't steam her crabs and lobster.

Why not?

Because the "food stamp" regulations don't allow buying pre-cooked food -- only "raw" food.

After she finally left, he told me she's a regular customer -- comes in once a month or so all summer, spends ~$400 on crabs and lobster, pays with her "food-stamp" card and pitches a screaming, cursing fit *EVERY TIME* because he won't steam it for her.

Meanwhile... Gah -- don't even get me STARTED...

It seems like I'm always behind the folks buying $12.oo/pound steaks with their "ebt" cards... I'm REALLY tempted to go sign up myself....

Heroditus Huxley said...

I grew up on them. Beyond deadbeat male genetic donor; mother stayed home out of fear that the state would remove us if she worked (and they likely would have, given where we lived).

My family would qualify for WIC (food stamps/medicaid for families with small children). I flat out refuse to apply--I remember what it was like growing up on them, and I will not permit my children to grow up on them, even though we'd qualify. We don't need them. We're doing fine without them.


Toaster 802 said...

A kindred spirit I see...

My Dad could not understand why young minority men would get free scripts and him, working until 75 and a vet had to pay out of pocket for his.

...On parole, free health care and meds, just like in the pen.

With my mom now having to go into a nursing home, and applying for Medicade, he is starting to understand what I started to understand when I was 25; he has been robbed his entire life to pay for a political underclass that has risen in full force in the form of the First Kenyan, to eat what is left of the American corpse. And my families last dime.

All his life he has worked, and to take care of my mom, he will have to give up his last dollar, and live hand to mouth. I have watched better saved and pensioned relatives go down the same path.

They played by the rules, and got played by the rules.

Not me. Not this time.

Stop clawing your fingers to the bone to keep the whole rotten edifice from sliding over the cliff. Start pushing. It is lost for us gen Y and X'ers. Face it, fix bayonets, and set a new course so our children will not have to deal with this monster. Eat me you bastards, but enjoy it, because it will be the last meal you ever have. I will not sell myself cheap.

Added to the blog roll at

Welcome aboard. Fasten your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy ride...

Everett said...

Hey Man, would those two words be the ones Kenny Lane over at Knuckledraggin uses daily to describe that piece of S--T in the Whitehouse?

Anonymous said...

You guys can change it. Stop voting in the lame old politicians in. We need someone that willing to do the reform instead of hoping it change

An Ordinary American said...


Agree. Problem is, we vote in "new" politicians and within a year or less, they become part of the "establishment" inside the Beltway--which means the only thing they give a freaking damn about is getting re-elected.

Since that is not going to change, I am now leaning heavily in favor of term limits.