Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A new $30K job costs $278,000 thanks to Obama's economic stimulus.

And yet, we still trust these dumbasses to lead, run and ultimately destroy our country.

Only elected numbnuts and the brain-dead lackeys on the civil-service payroll at their service can justify spending over ten times the amount a job might pay in order to create that job.

The Weekly Standard uncovered an interesting factoid this past Independence Day weekend, and the timing could not be more ironic. It seems that for each "job" created by the Obama economic stimulus program, the taxpayers--you and me--footed the bill to some $278,000 per job.

How utterly moronic is that?

How utterly TYPICAL is that?

Where did this stimulus money go? Right here.

Back in 2009 when the Kenyan imposter was first squealing in delight over this deal, I opined that rather than spending this half a billion dollars on government projects in order to ostensibly create jobs, we'd be better off cutting a check for $250,000 to each taxpayer who has had to PAY at the end of the tax year, and $100,000 to each taxpayer who received refunds in the past three years.

One hitch, or string if you will, attached to that money: You had to pay off debts first. Pay your mortgage off, pay your cars off, pay your credit card debts off, pay your medical loans or student loans or whatever.

But you had to pay off your debts.

If you didn't, then you would not be eligible for one damn dime of anything from the U.S. Government, including Social Security benefits, Medicare, VA benefits. . . nothing.

Pay off your debts, and do that first.

Can you imagine what the infusion of $250,000 per taxpayer would do to the economic engine of the U.S.? Banks would be flush in cash, which in turn would not only drastically lower finance interest rates, but open up for more car and home loans.

Auto dealerships would be selling cars like they've never sold them before since Henry Ford and the Model T. Forget the Cash for Clunkers program--citizens would be voluntarily trading in their old smoking clunker and buying something new.

How many college educations would that quarter of a million dollars open up?

Department stores would go crazy selling stuff and investments (there will always be smart people) would skyrocket.

But no, didn't happen.

Instead, the stupid-asses we've entrusted to run our country and whom most of have never earned a private sector paycheck in their entire useless damned lives were convinced that THEY knew better.

So they created a bunch of jobs--mainly government, which defeats the purpose--paying an average of around $30K a year, and when the smoke all cleared, each one of those jobs cost roughly $278,000 to create.

And we still don't know where the money is and unemployment is still within gasping distance of 10% and the economy is still in the worst shape it's been in in over seventy years.

Remember all of that next November.


Mudbug said...

What a great idea. I have been working, refinancing, and cutting back in order to reduce our monthly expenses for my wife and myself from $3,500 a month to $2,000 a month. If we could get rid of her student loans (out of state tuition and private loans (because her mom was too lazy to fill out the FAFSA on time)), we could reduce our expenses by another $1,000.

The only fly in the ointment over this is the same group of people that continue to screw up this country—the welfare generations that use not only their welfare cards, but the race card. Your plan would bypass them, and that is racist, un-American, mean spirited, picking on the poor, and whatever line of sh!t they can spout to call you down. I agree that the welfare generations don’t deserve stimulus only because based on their past spending habits on the giver-mint dole, they would run through the money in a month, with nothing to show for it. And then demand more or you are “racist, un-American, mean spirited, picking on the poor,…”

Sadly, the only solution that I can see to get us out of this mess is the collapse of the dollar through hyperinflation. Hopefully, this will clear out the dead weight of this oppressive government and maybe, just maybe, smarter people will rise back up and the America that the founding fathers envisioned may be reborn.

Old NFO said...

Unbelievable, but then again I guess it's really no surprise when you put the government in charge... sigh...