Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A half-naked girl in a blue bra shows Islam for the farce it truly is.

Get ready women--all American women. This is your future.

Women in Egypt finally got tired of the abuses they suffered under the Islamic-led military and police. So they took to the streets in protest.

The "woman in the blue bra" has become an international symbol of protest over how the Muslim SOBs treat their women. Women, including our own shrill Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, have raised hell about this treatment.

And to date, all that has accomplished is a whiny, smirking mea culpa from the smug bastards running the new government.

I find it disturbing that our own liberal women here in the U.S. constantly bitch about there being nothing wrong with Islam--even in the face of evidence shown in the photograph and news story.

I find it even more irritating that some of our females over here bitch and moan as part of the OWS movement when their sisters half a world away would GLADLY change places with them.

Personally, I salute the courage of the Egyptian women. The men over there have no courage. I know. I've been there. In 1981, I was over there participating in Operation Brightstar when Anwar Sadat got himself assassinated. Prior to our participation over there, we had a number of Egyptian (so-called) military units over in the U.S. training.

Let me re-phrase that. We were attempting to train them. Most of us found the Egyptian military and police to be the laziest, dumbest, most un-motivated, self-serving and cowardly sons of bitches we'd ever run across anywhere in the entire world. Those of us who had to deal with them back then still feel the same way today.

Therefore, it is no surprise that no less than the twenty to forty Egyptian heroic and brave policemen and soldiers that, without any regard for their own safety, beat the hell out of the two lone protesters (one of which is the girl in the blue bra) shown in the video at the bottom of the story.

Pay attention American women. So long as you continue to support the farce that is today's government in Washington DC; the same government that kisses Islam's big fat ass at every possible opportunity in the name of Political Correctness, that girl in the picture and video just might end up being you in the not so near future.

This is what Sharia Law is about. And it's coming to America, piece by piece.


Old NFO said...

Excellent point and concur on the Egyptian military... useless...

RVN11B said...

Is there any one who reads this blog NOT PISSED BEYOND REASON over this?

I have a sister and two daughters. All are above average intelligence, and fierce fighters in their own right.

There is no way in hell I would allow this shit to happen to them without a major payback!

Stinking COWARDS!

Willie Wommit said...

I expanded the photo to see if I really saw what I thought I saw; it is true, one of the swine on the right was lifting a foot for a followup kick, and the one on the left was laughing. Did you see that?
The reason that the libtard bitches in the USA don't say r do anything is that they only attack people who will not menace them, i.e., conservative women like Palin, pro-life protesters, etc.
But when you have serial rapists like Bill Clinton, or muslim pigs like the ones who raped and beat that reporter lady, or these here, then the USA libtard bitches keep their mouths shut. Like the muslims, they are gutless hypocrites.

AND another thing - ever notice taht these same muslim bastards come to the USA and spend as much money as they can on drink, drugs and tobacco, and screw everything they can, then go home to their raghead shithole and act like they are too pure to allow a woman to show her ankle in public? For godssake, somebody NUKE the bastards all.

Anonymous said...

As a Secular Muslim male in the west,I'm really ashamed of the Egyptian police for treating a woman like this,but I'm also offended by this blog,you're trying to paint us all with the same brush.

Not all Muslim men are misogynists or women-beaters,but we do have our fair share of douchebags.

Also,this isn't the future of American women,because Muslims only make up 1% of the population here in America.

I must also add,I have an American girlfriend,I've never abused her,she's been in abusive relationships before with Men who were alcoholics or they only wanted to get in her pants,and then they left her.

There are good and bad people everywhere,and they come in all races and religions.

I'm not an Egyptian,I'm not even an Arab,but as a Muslim man,I apologies and condemn this barbaric act by the Egyptian police.

P.S hate-mongering and fear-mongering won't get you anywhere.


An Ordinary American said...

Old NFO,

Contrasting the useless slobs that pose as Egyptian military and police was the fact that prior to those oxygen thieves arriving in the U.S., we'd spend a fair amount of time training the Israelis.

There could NOT have been a more stark contrast between the two militaries and in all aspects--up to and including personal hygiene. The Egyptians smelled like goats and seemed to revel in it.


I hear you. Believe me, I hear you.


I love the hypocrisy that the rich or entitled Muslims practice, including the rampant acts of homosexuality found in almost every single Al Queda cell in existence.

These are the same asswipes that stone a woman that THEY raped for dishonoring the family.

I've long thought we should wipe that region of the world off the face of the map.

Better yet, let Israel do it and let us build the bombs for them.


Spare me.

It's not hate-mongering and it's sure as hell not fear-mongering. I've yet to meet the fucking radical Muslim that I have any fear of whatsoever.

As far as hate-mongering, I'm doing no such thing. I'm showing this farce of a religion for what it is, for what it believes, for what it preaches, and for what it does and for what is accepted within it.

If anything, I'm TRUTH-MONGERING.

I'm also sick and fucking tired of hearing about "tolerant Muslims" who "don't agree" with the radical element.

If that's true, then grow some BALLS and take the bastards on!

But no, you have to get the U.S. and allies to fight your fucking battles for you because your folks are too chickenshit and too cowardly to do it themselves.

I'm trying to recall the last time I've seen police and military of any non-Muslim dominated culture beat and stomp helpless, defenseless young women in the streets the way this young woman was brutalized.

I'm trying to recall the last time I've seen any non-Muslim dominated military or police stone a woman to death for being raped. Or caning her.

Fucking chickenshits. They're nothing but absolute cowardly, hypocritical chickenshits.


Anonymous said...

@AOA Why do you expect me to take on those bastards?I'm an American citizen,and I've never been to the Middle east.

I try my best to confront any hate-mongering rag-heads I find.

I don't usually go to a mosque to pray,but whenever I do,and I hear the Imam give a hate-filled sermon,I usually confront him about it.

I also agree with you that a lot of Islamic countries tend to be really violent and intolerant,and unfortunately there's not much I can do about it,as an American citizen I'm more concerned about what goes in our country than another country.

I think all we can do is hope that the Obama administration stops giving aid to the regime in Egypt,and other Islamic regimes.

I think we should put sanctions on Egypt and other Islamic regimes,until they agree to become Secular states and give women the same rights as men.

Also police brutality may not be as
common in the west,as it is in the middle east or in China,but it does happen-The Vancouver or London riots are a good example.

Also,I don't support the stoning/canning of women at all.

Unknown said...

This is despicable. I do however take offense to your calling the Egyptian Police "to be the laziest, dumbest, most un-motivated, self-serving and cowardly sons of bitches". You have obviously not dealt with the Iraqi Police. Then again maybe its just a common thread in the muslim world.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps it applies to the chicago police? or the Denver police? Or London, or the "christian" thugs in Tennessee attacking a mosque, or the neaderthal sheriff in Arizona who beats and humiliates men, women, and children. or prison guards in Attica. Or amish and mormon "leaders" brutalizing and raping young women.

or perhaps, just perhaps, you failed to see the millions and millions of acts of kindness done every day to strangers by muslims, mormons, christians, police, sheriffs, Egyptians, Iraqis, and - perhaps - even Texans.

Perhaps both are a common thread to humanity. Stupidity certainly is, as this blog clearly demonstrates,

MikeChuk21 said...

So this incident of police brutality, shocking, horrible despicable and disgusting as it may be, is some sort of evidence that Sharia law is on its way in America? Get a grip, dude.

For one, I don't see the U.S. Constitution getting repealed anytime soon. Last I checked, there was a clause in the Bill of Rights which says thus:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

So riddle me this, brain surgeon: Wouldn't the impositon of Sharia law -- a religion-based code of justice -- be the unconstitutional establishment of a specific religious doctrine by the government?

Nice try, xenophobe.

An Ordinary American said...


Careful about lighting a match where your head is at in order to see what's going on.

All that gas in your ass will likely cause you to explode.

On second thought, if you can't see what's happening with Sharia Law and the encroachment of it in the U.S., then go ahead and light that match.

Just do it in the vicinity of a mosque.


Your father said...

You Are A Such a Ass Who ever posted That Remember brother if u are good with our muslims in your country we will be good with ur christians sweepers in our country and if u are bad with them i promise i will kill ur peoples in my country Alhamdulillah i have tht much power to kill 100 of christians in 1 day so be nice with my peoples who live there ok u pig ass ;)

Abaza Egyptian said...

well i'm Egyptian male and i witnessed this incident , as much it was agonizing to see that happening to a fellow revolutionary who stood with us in Tahrir/Liberation Square ( that girl used to provide water & help elder ppl), i condemn that shit with all my heart and let me tell ya how furious & amazed we were all. still who did that?! some Islamic freak ?! no it was the fucking army soldiers & police watchdogs, of course u know that we continue our revolution against them since over a year now, they beat everyone stands in their way,even doctors like myself, regardless of gender or religion,our Muslim &Christian friends get beat up the same way, they don't ask for IDs u know, to sum up don't stick that shit to religion it's pure human act of injustice & brutality.Islam is totally free of it. peace out.

Abdul said...

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