Friday, July 15, 2011

"A grudge against the military?"

The subject is flag burning.

Nothing too unusual. After all, we see the crazed ragheads doing it all the time as soon as a gleeful and willing news crew, especially from the U.S., shows up.

Anywhere the U.S. military shows up to save some third-world shithole country's ass, there are flag-burnings in protest. Anytime anyone from the U.S. shows up, there are flag-burnings.

You know the routine: They prattle on about how evil all non-Muslims are, how peaceful and loving and tolerant Muslims are, then they produce an American flag, prattle on some more, then set it on fire then proceed to dance around like little rabid animals on crystal meth.

Yet they get pissed off if we want to burn or flush the Qur'an?

Flag burning is nothing new here in the U.S., I'm sorry to say. Spare me the BS about "freedom of speech." Most of us equate burning a flag with shouting "Fire!" in the proverbial crowded theater.

You're inciting a riot when you do that. If you want to incite a riot by burning the flag around me or my friends, you've come to the right place. A numbnuts bed-wetting pinko at Louisiana State University found himself in harm's way when he announced he was going to burn a flag. The student body literally chased this piece of crap off the campus.

If we had kids, LSU would be at the top of our list of colleges to consider.

But it seems there's been a new twist to desecrating the symbol of America, right here in America, albeit in New Jersey. . . Someone or some people are skulking around Roselle Park, New Jersey and burning flags while the homeowners are away or asleep.

This is a double whammy because the flags are on poles attached to homes.

I would call this attempted arson. I would also shoot some son of a bitch I caught trying to set my flag on fire on my property while it was attached to my house. In New Jersey, that would probably get me the electric chair or gas chamber.

In Texas, I'd probably have a day named after me.

In reading the story, I see where the police hypothesize that "the flag burnings could be the work of some kids on a dare, or someone with a grudge against the military."

What brilliant police work.

Sleep easy, Roselle, New Jersey, your police department is on the case.


Mudbug said...

I got my Engineering degree from LSU.

I just am so sick of losing men and women overseas to people who love to say "We hate you; Please help us."

If the moron in Washington, living in possibly the most expensive Section 8 housing in the free world wants to reduce the nuclear arsenal, then I agree. Take the warhead off and replace it with red paint, and let loose on Iran, Pakistan, and all those countries that hate us. Let's remind them that the red paint could be plutonium. Maybe the next one will. Get your shit together before we "forget" to replace the warhead and replace Tehran with a thin layer of radioactive glass.

Kim said...

You know I really hope for the day when even the lofty New Jersey set gets sick of these dummys and find ways to get some of their own back.

Mudbug said...

Lila, you know that will never happen. NJ seems to be turning into another nanny state. I'm actually surprised the neighborhood's HOA allowed US flags to be displayed, because they offend "undocumented guest worker's" feelings. That's why my driveway is 500'-- long enough to load, fire, reload.

AOA, The LSU story actually starts off with some yellow belly Columbian grad student pulling down the huge US flag the night we got Osama bin Laden and setting fire to it. The ROTC spent several days on 24 hour vigils surrounding the flagpole until it was repaired and Old Glory put back in her rightful place. Had we found that bastard before the PD did, I'm sure one of the gators in the swamp would have had a nice meal.

North said...

I have a lighter. I'll bet the police have flag patches on their uniforms.

I'll bet they wouldn't see my act as freedom of speech.

Old NFO said...

Gotta agree with Mildred... Hell, I'd even LIGHT that one...

An Ordinary American said...

Lila, I've given up on New Jersey. Same as I've given up on Massachusetts and Maryland. I feel bad for Illinois because last map I saw, only three counties in the entire state supported the Kenyan imposter in the 2008 election.

Kalifornia is trying, bless their hearts, but the Pelosi/Boxer/Feinstein/Moonbeam moonbats keep importing the illegals in along with every freak of nature this planet has ever belched or shat out.

Mudbug, I saw a picture of that Columbian piece of shit. You're right--if the locals had got a hold of that SOB, some of the local gators would have had their cholesterol levels rise considerably.

North, most cops I know abhor the idea of having to defend pinkos and bed-wetters who burn the flag. Those that don't and who claim it's "free speech" are usually the asshole chiefs and supervisors and SACs and they're normally too chickenshit to wear a uniform in the first place, instead preferring "civvies" so they can look more like "management."

Old NFO, you bring the matches, I'll bring the gasoline.