Monday, December 17, 2012

The United States of Cowardice (Liberalism)

That is what a once brave nation has become.

The Star Spangled Banner needs to be rewritten and the "land of the free, home of the brave" need to be stricken.

Neither are applicable. For damned sure, the part about "the brave."

 I shake my head whenever a mass-shooting happens because they always happen in predictable locations, which would be liberal enclaves where the residents are as frightened of a gun as Nancy Pelosi is of a penis.

Afterward, the cowards--better known in my circles as liberals--muster up their phony bravery and step forth demanding more laws and more gun control.

What a bunch of dumbasses.

Someone e-mailed me a picture of some coward (liberal) wussy with a caption explaining how many laws--gun-control laws included--this freakoid puke in Connecticut outright broke in the commission of his crimes.

Wow. Something like over FORTY LAWS this piece of shit wantonly and deliberately ignored in his warped and evil march to commit a senseless slaughter. How the hell would more laws have stopped this?

Oh, I forget. The idiot assholes who are convinced that if we outlaw guns, guns will not exist and therefore guns will be hard or nearly impossible to acquire so therefore no more gun crimes will occur.

Message for you cowards (liberals)--DRUGS ARE ILLEGAL AND IS IS A FELONY TO EVEN POSSESS THE HARD DRUGS. So look around you, you cowardly sniveling liberal idiots (redundant). Why are there so many drugs? And why aren't we prosecuting and imprisoning all of these drug users and drug dealers?

I'll tell you why--it's because cowards (liberals), being the incredibly stupid class of sub-humanoid garbage that they are, now push for the legalization of drugs because "the war on drugs costs too much" or "drug users need help" or "drug dealers grew up in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods/homes/sewers" etc etc.

Read that again. Cowards (liberals) who are pushing to outlaw guns are the same liberals who tell us that drugs should be legalized because drug-addiction is a "sickness."

Why, then, when it comes to inanimate objects like illegal drugs do cowards (liberals) not blame the inanimate object and give pity to the criminal who employs them?

Why is it only firearms that scare the cowards (liberals)? More people are killed in car wrecks than with guns. More people are killed by medical doctors' negligence and malpractice than by guns. More people die from tobacco use than by way of guns. More people are stabbed to death each year than shot to death.

The cowards (liberals) know this, but guns scare cowards more than cars and cigarettes and doctors. This fact alone also shows the blatant stupidity of cowards (liberals) because more sane, rational and intelligent people have far more fear of being injured or killed in a car wreck than they do of being shot to death. Most sane, rational and intelligent people are more concerned about a surgery or medical procedure going wrong than they are being a victim of "gun violence.'

What killed those children and adults in Newtown, Connecticut was cowardice. A gun was simply the tool employed. A gasoline bomb, a chemical mix, knives or baseball bats could have done as much damage just as quickly and even more easily than the guns did. In Aurora, Colorado the patrons are lucky that the psychopath ONLY chose to use guns and what's more, that he was a typical coward (liberal) in that he pretty much was clueless as to how to operate them.

Given how many bombs and booby-traps he had at his apartment, if he'd taken those into the theater, the massacre would've been beyond epic.

Why do we not see mass-shootings happening in Israel? Could it be because the Israelis have never lost their ovaries and testicles and choose to DEFEND themselves against evil rather than moan and wring their hands and look for Aunt Nanny Government to protect them?

The last mass-shooting we had in Texas was at Luby's Cafeteria. At the time, we had a coward (liberal) for governor--Ma Richards. Not long after, she got dumped a new governor got elected and concealed carry was signed into law. We have not had a mass-shooting since. IF. . . IF we do, it will be in some cowardly (liberal) bastion like a public school or college campus where the cowards (liberals) favor making heroin, meth and LSD legal while outlawing your shotgun and .22 rifle.

Typical coward (liberal) mentality.

So listen up cowards (liberals)--the blood of those school children are on YOUR hands, not ours.

We, the brave and the those who have fought for our nation and our rights, choose to remain vigilant against the evil that your cowardly (liberal) beliefs and policies create. Don't blame guns or gun-owners or the NRA for those children's deaths--blame yourselves and your cowardice.

Take a look around, cowards (liberal), at all the "gun-free zones" that have welcomed in evil and let it run rampant and free.

The blood of those victims is on your hands, not ours.