Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poster children for eliminating all welfare

These two human pieces of sewage are perfect examples of why hard-working, tax-paying Americans are fed up with the present welfare system.

I'll also bet you these two parasites are big Obama fans.

After all, he promised them exactly what Judge Judy came out and said she has no choice to but pay, through her taxes.

I'm not a Judge Judy fan, having never watched her. But after seeing this video clip, I may have to change my thinking.

She nails the issue when she says, "I'm going to send this tape to Congress."

I hope she does send this tape to Congress.

But better than Congress, this video clip needs to be seen by every single taxpaying American. It's about time we see what this money we're being extorted for is being wasted on.

That's right. I said "wasted."

Watch the video. I rest my case.


North said...

I'm ME!

Gimme money.

Kim said...

She was right. 70,000+ down the drain. I am so sick of that crap. It has to stop.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is going to be a problem much longer. The free money for stupid people is going the way of the buffalo. So is Obama and his hopey-changiness, now that I think of it.

In the days ahead I think the answer to that boy and others like him will be found in prisons run by men like Sherriff Joe in Arizona.

Murphy's Law said...

If it was just those two it would be bad enough...but they're representative of a large demographic--unapologetic welfare cheats who were raised to live off the system in perpetuity.

want to help them get out of poverty? Cut off the checks to anyone under 65 who is not actually too disabled to work. Watch them all scramble to find employment when the bill collectors and the court-ordered movers start showing up.

Griffin3 said...

In addition Congress, how about sending a copy of this video to the local county housing office, or whoever is supplying the young man with such a shower of benefits for "being me"?

Better yet, march into the office with a cameraman, a laptop, and ask how is it that this young man is getting his housing stipend with no documented rental agreement. I would pay to see a Breitbart-style interview, listen to all the county employees grunting about how they're not allowed to check how the bills are paid, if the bills are paid, probably illegal to even see if the person in question even needs the money. I'd buy my own copy of the tape, to play in the background of my next IRS audit.


Mudbug said...

Now which one was Hope and which one is Change?

"When a forest grows too wild a purging fire is inevitable and natural. Tomorrow, the world will watch in horror as its greatest city destroys itself. The movement back to harmony will be unstoppable this time."-"Batman Begins"

People like that are the dead matter at the bottom of the forest. It's built up for too long.

wilsonced said...

I'm frustrated that my Congressman, and my Senators have set up systems where you cannot send them this type of information because they want it in a format they specify on subjects they want to discuss, and their replies are just repeats of the Democratic Party Propaganda. It's time to take the medicine, and if the antibiotics kill the parasitic bodies in our society, so be it!!

ProudHillbilly said...

Three years in college and he can't comprehend what she's saying. Unfortunately, when I had a condo I knew more than one person like this. I didn't want the stuff they had, but I resented the fact that they were getting monthly checks from the gummit (read "me") and had the big screen TVs, leather and oak furniture, etc. One even showed me video of the boat she was thinking of buying on her new video cam at one point. I know it means I'm hateful, bigoted etc etc etc yadda yadda, but I hope Judge Judy really did send in the video. Unfortunately, for many politicians he's just one more guaranteed vote.