Saturday, July 23, 2011

Put this cop's ass in JAIL. NOW, damnit!

Incidents like this one make me ashamed of the fact that I ever worked in law enforcement.

And I can thank a couple of pricks with guns and badges in Canton, Ohio for that.

The video I'm posting here will go nuclear.

In it, there is a cop with the Canton, Ohio Police Department who comes up behind a car legally parked on the street, orders an occupant out, and immediately begins disparaging the man. Doesn't matter to me that the cops are white and the two people the main meathead cop hassles are black.

The meathead then gets the driver out, who has a lawful concealed carry license and TRIES to immediately tell the Nazi-cop that HE HAS ONE--but the cop keeps interrupting and telling him to shut up.

The law, in Ohio, requires the holder of a CHL to promptly notify an officer that he/she has a CHL. The driver of the car in the video tries to do EXACTLY THAT, but the meathead is too full of himself and strutting around acting like the badass to bother LISTENING to the very citizens who rights he's shredding and then crapping all over.

Watch the video and decide for yourself. Is this muscle-head military commando wannabe prick what we need, or want, patrolling the streets of Anytown, America?

I'm sick and tired of this kind of abuse under color of authority.

I would hope that OTHER police officers in Canton will speak up about this guy. Yet, my gut tells me that the infamous "Code of Silence" will prevail, and the brother officers will form a protective circle around this mutt and offer up the usual " Civilians don't know what we go through on a daily basis" and "We never know when some crazy with a gun is going to. . ."

Spare me.

I've not only heard it all before, but I've also lived back in the days when I was in that line of work for Uncle Sam. There is ZERO excuse for this asshat's behavior or attitude.


The mayor of Canton is William J. Healey. He can be reached at: (330) 438-4307 or you can send him a direct note here.

Here is the Canton City Council's page and information and how to contact them.

Mike DeWine is the Attorney General for the State of Ohio. Contact him here.

And if the Canton Police Department's rank and file do not speak out against this "fellow officer" then they deserve the contempt that will come their way.

This is another very clear example where the creed of "Physician, heal thy self" is perfectly appropriate.

To the police: While you're ostensibly "cleaning up our streets," try cleaning up your own backyards as well.

In fact, try doing that first.


Kim said...

This is why my husband has a hard time wanting to involve law enforcement in anything. If we have a problem that could be helped with a LEO he would still rather not because he doesn't want to risk the officer responding being similar to the lovely specimen in the video.

An Ordinary American said...


What's equally as disturbing about that video is that there is plainly another Canton cop visible. Hell, he was crawling around the guy's backseat WITHOUT HAVING CHECKED TO SEE IF HE HAD A WEAPON OR THE SCENE WAS SECURE!

That's not only idiocy, but it demonstrates either A) a lack of training, and/or B) a high degree of cockiness/arrogance ("it won't happen to me").

I saw another police car in the video as well. And yet, when this officer Daniel Harless was threatening to EXECUTE the lawfully and legally armed citizen, not one fucking Canton police officer on the scene interjected to tell Harless he was out of line and to remove himself from the scene.


And cops wonder why they're distrusted as a whole these days?

Give me a break.


Old NFO said...

Unprofessional to the n'th degree... And they should BOTH be fired, the one for his 'act', his partner for letting him do it! This guy is the poster boy for Jack Booted Thugs...

Lauras Letters said...

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Anonymous said...

It seems that all of today's LEOs fit this pattern.
All nasty arrogant Gen X roid freaks!

An Ordinary American said...


Not all. I posted about a good cop from the Oceanside (CA) PD who handled himself very well with a little prick who had an empty gun and a video camera looking for his fifteen-seconds of YouTube fame.

You should rarely ever see or hear about a good cop. They go about their jobs day in and day out. When they do their jobs well and correctly, they don't make news--they keep (bad) news from happening.

What we're seeing and hearing about today are slimeballs who slid through the employment screening cracks and are now making their respective employers pay dearly for that.