Saturday, November 12, 2016

The celebrity departure has started.

Spotted off the coast of Maine this morning, Rosie O'Donnell finally begins her long awaited migration to Canada.

Friday, November 11, 2016

It's our one day. . .

These seem to say it better than I ever will be able to.

It was an honor to serve and a reminder that our Oath has no expiration date nor clause in it that states we must still be in uniform in order to fulfill it.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Could the entire U.S. Government get indicted? Well, according to this source--


This was sent to me by a military pal and after having read through it twice, it kept getting more and more disturbing.

If even a tenth of what this reputed DOJ/FBI source is claiming is only half true, the lid on the kettle is about to blow completely off.

FBIanon Thread

For once, I just don't know what to say. Don't know if I should believe this or blow it off.

Bottom line is that I'm scared to believe it, and am scared not to.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hey FBI, you stink.

Fidelity. Bravery. Integrity.

That used to be the respected and revered motto of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

No more and no longer.

There is an old adage that a fish rots from the head down. In this case, the fish is named James Comey and this fish is the biggest of all the fish in the ocean of investigators, bureaucrats, technicians, admins, custodians and career-climbing oxygen thieves (management) that comprises today's FBI.

And you now stink. Every damned one of you.

Your leader has sold you out not once, but twice. And yet we hear nothing in protest from any of the special agents of the nation's largest federal law enforcement agency. There have been a few anonymous whispers but all in all, there is the "fear for one's job."

You stink.

Your stench is of cowardice, not Bravery. The odor is now intolerable and does not represent Integrity. You're more concerned with the fraternity of fellow employees in the FBI and DOJ than you are the Fidelity you swore to the Constitution.

"Don't judge us all by the actions of our feckless leader," you'll protest forcefully. "We're just doing our jobs."

Your job is to provide allegiance to the Constitution and the People of the United States--not to your leader or director or any goddamned politician.

We have a presidential candidate with almost three-quarters of a million unsecured e-mails in which a bevy of classified information was found and your agency did nothing. We have perjury by this candidate to Congress, and you did nothing. We have a criminal corporation hiding in the wool of a charitable foundation that is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars from nation-states and individuals known factually to be directly funding the enemies of our nation, and you did nothing. We have dead bodies going back almost three decades and you've done nothing.

So, the question that is begged is: Are you just that incompetent or does the Bureau now have, from head to toe, the well-known stench of corruption to bathe in each morning before the daily denial of duty begins?

Are there any agents left among you with the Bravery to do the right thing and speak out?

If not, then America has her answer regarding the Integrity of your agency.

And it stinks.

Friday, November 4, 2016

This isn't an election. It's a call to arms.

On Tuesday, November 8th, we have an election. But for the first time in my over five decades of existence, this is not an election about politics. Politics is about which side gets to claim credit or assign blame and about using clever phrases of turnabout like "reach across the aisle" and promising to help "hard working American families" and other such completely meaningless drivel.

This is an election in which we decide our fate, once and for all, whether we give up our last remaining rights and freedoms and place all in the hands of a proven corrupt system that for the past thirty years has destroyed the middle-class American, and then mocked that same American every single time we've protested the treatment we receive from them.

Or we decide that we've had enough.

The content of this video could have been lifted, literally, straight out of the pages of my second novel, False Gods, in which I wail on the corrupt power-mongers that have taken over Washington and Wall Street and relegated middle-class Americans to second-class citizens. Half of the nation is in denial, the other half is up in arms.

The detractors can moan and whine about "Russian hackers" all they want. It does not change the facts that these e-mail leaks have uncovered and exposed.

It is time to take a plunger to the toilet that has become Washington and Wall Street and flush the Establishment ruling class from our lives and our nation.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The most ironic headline in the history of the world.

When a headline from the Clinton News Network extols to "Don't fall for fake news," the irony of a network manipulating, creating and promoting the single most dangerous candidate this nation has ever seen. . .

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Was Edmund Burke prescient?

The only thing necessary for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. --Edmund Burke

In looking at one half of the 2016 presidential election, the circle of Evil runs deep. The fact that the mainstream media has refused to vet Hillary's chief of staff, Huma Abedin, makes them complicit in actively seeking to destroy America.

The following video on Huma Abedin is more than disturbing. It reveals an underlying goal of our Orwellian media and Establishment Ruling Class to literally destroy the Constitution and America as we know it.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016

Was Charles Darwin a clown? Probably not.

Throughout the early summer up until the present, we've been hearing and reading stories about Darwin Award contestants dressing up as scary clowns and running through parks and subways and deserted highways scaring the bee gees out of people.

I'm guessing this nonsense started in Europe where government officials and progressives are as frightened of guns as feminists are of male erections.

If such nonsense were to happen in Texas, we'd have a clown shooting gallery on our hands. If it were to happen in south central Georgia, we'd have a new source of meat for pig-pulls and BBQs. If it were to happen in south Florida, the yankee retirees would file a lawsuit for the clowns violating HOA ordinances.

But alas, it seems this started somewhere in England and when the morons, aka clowns, began posting on YouTube, the fad caught on over here and it started happening in various large city locales.

I was puzzled when I saw some videos of scary clowns chasing people in Central Park in New York City. Quite frankly, I kept expecting to see an army of homeless people chasing the clowns and panhandling them to death. I did watch a surveillance video of some guy who whipped out a pistol like Doc Holliday and the clown skidded to a stop faster than a sports car in a Michelin tire commercial.

Lately, though, I've been seeing and reading stories where folks' funny bones haven't been too tickled with these idiot clowns and they're fighting back. In Stockton, California a clown got pistol-whipped. He was lucky. Very lucky. In Stockton, most folks would just as soon shoot you if you're in the wrong hood, let along dressed up in makeup and green hair and trying to scare people.

Here's a funny video about some clowns who tangled with some local hood rats and a tussle ensued. What's funny is that the clowns started disrobing, ostensibly to be able to move about more freely, and one of the clowns was wearing thong underwear. Bright lime green thong underwear. I had no idea that guys wore thongs.

I'm guessing Mr. Darwin was never a clown. Where I live, anyone who approaches a car or pickup truck the way these, er, clowns, did would get drawn down on and probably shot dead with exactly zero warning or admonishment to back up and go away.  And in Texas, exactly zero would happen to the shooter.

Helluva way to win a Darwin Award.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Never say never. Here's why.

 I never thought I'd see the day when Pravda and Tass were more truthful about America than CNN and the rest of the American networks.

That is all.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

You can't live in a tree on your own property.

Hippies. Drop in or drop out. Make love, not war. Never trust the man, man.

Most of us who grew up in the 60's and early 70's remember them. The flower children of Haight Ashbury. The nomads of America in search of the next Woodstock. The Volkswagen vans and dilapidated school buses painted with flowers and peace symbols.

Other than often smelling worse than a ruptured gall bladder, hippies were generally harmless back in the day.

Today, they run many of our corporations and most of our government and seemingly all of our schools and universities. One is running for president same as her husband did several decades prior. Worse, he won. I'm not sure America can stand having had two hippies in the White House, but that is for another discussion.

Generally hippies were content to be left alone and those of us who had no use for them were content to leave them alone. Fair enough, eh?

No longer.

Now we have a genuine American hippie by the name of Shawnee Chasser who lives in a tree house in the middle of Miami Dade County, Florida. She's been living in this tree  house for twenty-five years with no problems and now the government wants to shut her down.

I guess freedom only goes so far in Dade County, same as it does for America.

The complaints are that her treehouse is of substandard construction, and therefore unsafe.

Wait a minute. Didn't Hurricane Matthew just get through raising hell in Florida? Ms. Chasser's treehouse is still there. Didn't Hurricane Andrew--the Barack Obama of hurricanes--devastate most of southern Florida twenty-four years ago? How many more tropical storms have hit upon southern Florida in which there was massive property loss--property ostensibly "approved" and "deemed fit for occupation" by the pinheads the rest of us know as property/zoning ordinance committees and inspectors?

This woman has an open-concept treehouse that has withstood more storms than the Clinton family and our government says it's not safe nor fit to live in.

In reading a little bit about Ms. Chasser, I doubt the grandmother and I would have much in common. She's still a hippie and I've never been one. She's protested war and the military and I'm a veteran. She probably scorns big corporations and I used to represent them in the world of Madison Avenue.

Yet on another hand, Ms. Chasser and I might just be closer than either of us imagined. I've watched Wall Street and Big Business grow completely out of hand to the point that I consider both oppressive, draconian oppressive as a matter of fact. I'd just as soon never have to point a weapon at another human being--but I damn sure will if you try to tread on me or threaten me or anyone I consider family or friend.

And if I want to build a platform in my big oak tree in the backyard and live on it, the government can kiss my backside.

Yes, I get the idea of property values and having "shanty towns" and the whole such. However, we have zoning and ordinance committees and inspectors for the purposes of judging these situations on an individual basis. How many times have we seen signs erected where trees once stood that read "Zoning change request filed in (name the court/county)?"

Dade County, Florida and America, here's a message for you: Leave Ms. Chasser the hell alone. She harms no one, is self-sufficient and it is her property.

Note to government: When you get to the point that you regulate to this ridiculous degree how someone can or cannot live in their own aboreal home, don't be surprised when collective America gets fed up and you get a tree trunk shoved up your ass.

Fight on, Ms. Chasser. Fight on.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

When a picture is worth a thousand lies.

I think the following images and editorial cartoons explains things quite clearly.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Here is what your Ruling Class Establishment has done.

This needs to be in every living registered voter's pocket on election day. Please share it.

Are there any more questions why this nation is in such dire trouble?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

When the media is as stupid as the source of their story.

As many of my book readers are aware, I'm a retired advertising agency executive.

During my tenure in the world of Madison Avenue, I did a great deal of work with professional athletes who endorsed or gave testimonials to the products and services our clients offered.

We also paid a lot of money to not just the athletes, but to the networks who televised the games. And no sport was more expensive to advertise with than the National Football League. And no single event cost more to advertise on back in the day than the Super Bowl.

I have a hunch that Super Bowl ad rates will start off being excessively high, again, this year, but given my years in the (advertising) industry, I know what I'd be ordering my media buyers to tell the executives at Fox Network to go pound sound when they handed us the rate card for a thirty-second spot.

Advertising rates are based upon Nielsen viewer ratings as well as projected viewership, in the case of special events. If the executives at Fox balked or argued, my response would be for them to commit a sexual act upon themselves that is, in theory, physically impossible as we handed them a box of chapsticks with one hand and painted a bullseye on our butt cheeks with the other and urged the execs to pucker up.

You see, the viewership ratings for the NFL have plunged and continue to do so.

In the link above, the Washington Post propagandist either doesn't get it or he is so beholden to the editors that any mention of why the viewership ratings are down were stricken from his fantasy script.

To put it bluntly, as the ratings give indication to, the American public is sick and tired of seeing a bunch of overpaid, underworked spoiled man-children mocking the values and morals that the overwhelming majority of the NFL's fan base adhere to--and worse yet, doing so with zero recourse from the head wuss of the league, Roger Goodell himself.

The politics of the NFL have become largely insufferable for a number of fans and they have responded by cancelling their NFL packages. Others, such as our household, have refused to tune in to an NFL game, and yet still others have not only cancelled or refused to watch a game, they have actively contacted advertisers and raised pure hell about not supporting brands and services who continue to support these spoiled man-children and their disrespect of our nation's flag, the veterans who fought for and defended that flag, and our nation's law enforcement who stand between civilized society and the nonsense we've seen in Charlotte, Ferguson, Baltimore and elsewhere.

Yet many in the media still doesn't get it, as evidenced by the Washington Post damage-control piece. Of course, this is the same media who still doesn't even begin to grasp why so many Americans from all political leanings have abandoned the traditional party lines and flocked to the Donald Trump camp.

It's called fed up and for once, Americans are truly voting with their pocketbooks--and the NFL and their lackeys in the networks are beginning to feel the pain.

And it's about damn time.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's not God's job.

I'm sick and tired of wimpy, spineless Christians. Now I realize this will probably cost me some friends and readers, but c'est la vie.

Social media and e-mail feeds are becoming increasingly filled with weepy people of faith wringing their hands, moaning, whining and beseeching God Himself to "fix America."

Got news for you Christians of this particular mindset--which is probably most of you: God didn't break America.

We did.

Why should God fix what we not only allowed to get broken, but sat on our do-nothing butts while we watched it happen? Why should God fix a broken system that we continue to support and fund while hypocritically criticizing others who do the exact same? (Ex: I see people criticize Starbucks for their "godless" principles, yet they're there in the Starbucks drive-through every morning. But they want God to smite Starbucks. What a bunch of idiots.)

I've received no less than a dozen e-mails and private messages from these weepy hand-wringing Christian groups since the release of Donald Trump's private locker room vulgarities. I've been told that no Christian can or should support "such a man of low morality." The e-mail/messages go on to beseech me to pray to God to "fix America."

Bear in mind that most of these Christians are the same people who sat on their asses in 2012 rather than cast their ballot for a Mormon.

So, this segment of idiots refused to vote, and then when the worst thing that could possibly happen to America got a second term, these same idiots started crying and whining and beseeching "God to fix America."

So. . . . got news for you of the Christian faith who think that begging God, through prayer or fundraisers or social media or whatever, will "fix" America or our problems--

Ain't gonna happen.

God gave us brains, backs and opposable thumbs. In other words, He built us in such a manner as to give us the tools to provide for ourselves in a nation that we created and have maintained. We allowed our nation to get broken and it is not God's job to fix it.

It's our job.

I hear the weepy Christian segment wail against the very road that Hillary has promised and guaranteed that she will take us down upon, and then "justify" their either staying at home or refusing to vote because "Trump is just such an immoral man" and base that upon incidents in the past, often times the distant past.

And then I'm urged to join them in prayer to God to fix America.

I would suggest to this rather large disgusting segment of the Christian population that I shun and have nothing but contempt for to consider that if they're looking for the perfect leader, He ain't here.

He'll be returning, but not for an election.

In the meantime, consider that Moses was far from perfect when God tapped him to take His people out of Egypt. Daniel had some flaws and we all know just how immoral David was known to have been. So if you can't live with past transgressions and immorality, I'd suggest to the weepy Christian segment to skip reading any of the Psalms.

Moving on to the New Testament, not too many of Jesus' disciples were exactly saints when joined up with the man who was to be our Savior. And I believe somewhere in all that red ink in the King James version are precious nuggets like "judge not lest ye be judged," and one of my favorites, "Let ye without sin cast the first stone."

I'll close with the favorite of mine, which I've tried to live accordingly but for which I know--and admit--I've failed on occasion. After all, I'm a Christian because I've failed and because I will continue to fail because I am human and that's what humans do. So here's my favorite New Testament verse, from the book of Luke, Chapter 12, verse 48:

"From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."

We have one candidate who has been given much and who has used those gifts to create prosperity, jobs, opportunity, healing and unity--and did so prior to his recent acceptance of faith and grace. We have another who was given much in opportunity and used it to enrich her and her husband's fortune by way of corruption, deceit, theft, abandonment and murder.

When Christians see these two choices and then talk about "voting for neither because we need GOD to fix America," I shake my head and simply translate that as idiot-speak coming from the jawbone of an ass.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Maybe we SHOULD consider banning a few things. . .

A ban on Boeing 767 and 777 aircraft would've prevented them from flying into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon on September 11th.

A ban on pressure cookers would've prevented the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

A ban on offensive political cartoons making fun of a Muslim prophet would've prevented the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

A ban on heavy metal music would've prevented the massacre at a Paris concert.

A ban on fertilizer would've prevented the Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City.

A ban on oil would've prevented Saddam Hussein from invading Kuwait to rob them of their oil.

A ban on gasoline would've prevented ISIS from burning those pilots alive in a cage.

A ban on water would've prevented ISIS from drowning those prisoners.

A ban on homosexuality would prevent ISIS from tossing homosexuals off of rooftops.

A ban on all religions except for Islam would stop all attacks by Islamic nutbags.  Oh wait. . . whoops. They randomly attack each other as well as innocent people all over the world.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

When funny isn't funny.

Sadly, these aren't funny but rather true.

Some visual food for thought today and a big question of just how we managed to sink to this level.