Friday, July 1, 2011

Hey Obama, leave my airplane alone!

(I'll warn you right now: There is some rough language here. I'm as mad as I've ever been at the SOBs mismanaging our nation.)

The hypocrisy of our elected buffoons makes me want to puke.

We have the world's foremost professional vacationer (the Kenyan imposter) jet-setting all over the world on one vacation after another and at our expense. Anyone remember when the bozo fired up Air Force One and buzzed New York City?

Or when they fired it up and ran up the road to NYC so Michelle could catch a play or musical or something?

And then there's the head minority bitch herself, Pelosi. Anyone remember the tens of thousands of dollars we, the taxpayers, forked out for caviar and exotic snacks on HER private (jet) rides back and forth from the Beltway to the Dead Zone (San Fran)? She couldn't share a ride, or *gasp* God forbid, ride on a commercial airline like the commoners.

No, this uglier-than-homemade-soap wench had to have her own PRIVATE ride and for HER exclusive use only.

And now, these hypocritical, pious sacks of shit stand up and point their fingers at me and everyone else who might either own or have access to a private airplane?

The sanctimonious sons of bitches use the rhetoric "corporate jet" to try and further widen the divide in the Class Envy War. Substitute "boat" or "new SUV" or "large house" or anything else that represents hard work and success.

Well, I ain't buying it. And what's more, I'm pissed. Seriously pissed.

Unlike the freeloading frauds in Washington, I worked my ASS off to get where I'm at today. I didn't spend anyone else's money (ala campaign funds and donations and money from lobbyists) and instead, got my nuts taxed off every year in the process.

I wanted to throw a brick through the tv when I first saw the Kenyan imposter tell Joe the Plumber that we needed to spread the wealth around. Now, the stupid-assed sonofabitch is back on that message again.

Well Mr. President, here's MY message to you, to Congress and to the Senate:

Screw you.

And screw every political pussy in Washington that doesn't have the balls or ovaries to tell our parasitic welfare class of so-called Americans that THEY are going to have to do their share as well.

There are two general aviation airplanes in our family hangar. Both of those airplanes create and sustain more private sector jobs than any of the goddamned welfare and social program jobs these Washington jackoffs support and protect.

Go ahead, Mr. President, and wail away against "corporate jets," a euphemism for "success." Go ahead with your bullshit rhetoric about if "the rich don't start paying more in taxes and more of their share, it means kids aren't going to get to go to college."

WHOSE KIDS, Mr. President? Your fucking kids will sure go to college--and that's in spite of the fact that you've never held a private sector job in your entire worthless, fraudulent damned life!

In fact, show me a Congressman or Senator's kid who didn't go to college because they couldn't afford it.

I see a lot of kids in college because their parents are busting their asses to make it happen. Poor? I was too at one point way back. I joined a thing called the military--you know, that organization that most politicians despise because it turns out men with balls and women with ovaries. In exchange, I got an education--plus I got the discipline and focus and maturity to make things happen for myself without having Uncle Nanny Sam force my every move.

There are grants, loans and scholarships. Big damn deal if they're competitive. That's the way life is outside of the la-la land known as D.C. Get over it. Get on with it.

And finally, Mr. President, if you're going to ask everyone to pay their fair share, let's start with the bottom 50% who don't pay a fucking dime in taxes. Let's have them start paying at least ten percent of their income into the Treasury rather than wanting to add ten percent to my already inflated taxes.

Oh, you say they can't afford it? Bullshit. Tell them to quit cranking out babies, quit buying lottery tickets, lay off the booze and beer, quit smoking, stay away from the casinos and bingo parlors and start buying healthier food than Doritos and Bud Light. In other words, if you can't afford it, then don't do it. And don't count on me, the guy who IS paying taxes to continue supplementing your lifestyle.

But you don't get it, Mr. President. You're just too stupid and arrogant.

You're going to get flushed like a crack whore's douche bag in 2012.

Can't happen soon enough.


Mudbug said...

Sir, you are right on the money.

I'll be sure to send you a care package when the Kenyan sends you to re-education camp.

Shame on you and yours for working hard and saving rather than squeezing out democratic voters and taking welfare.

An Ordinary American said...

Best thing that Kenyan sonofabitch can do for me is to leave me alone. Pretend I don't exist.

I try to do the same with HIM, but every time I look at my tax statements, I'm reminded of what happens when douche bags elect one of their own into office.


Old NFO said...

BRAVO!!! Well said sir! Now if we can only get the people to listen, and not be blinded by the left's rhetoric and $$ handouts.

RVN11B said...

I know exactly how you feel! It took all I had not to start puking while out dear Prez spouted such stupid crap!
I love to fly, or I used to, before TSA rape and pillaging, was foisted on the general public.
And now he has the damned nerve to dump on those who paid the price for what they got. Through work and not handouts.

Definitely can not wait until 2012.

Everett said...

The thing that amazes me is that there has not been at least one attempt by someone to take a shot at this no good lying son of a Kansas (I believe ) whore.

I wonder just who is going to be there to protect all these lying, thieving congress pukes when the SHTF! It sure as hell won't be me!

Found your site from a link from OLD NFO. I am also a 20 yr retired Anchor Clanker.

Keads said...

Well Said Sir! Well Done! A truly wonderful rant!