Sunday, June 19, 2011

Police women of the world.

Something light and fun for Dad's day. Candid snapshot of various police women from around the globe.











Great Britain







Washington, DC

Is it any wonder why the crime rate is what it is in our nation's capital?


kx59 said...

Yikes, what a punchline!
I'm scrolling through the pics thinking yep, nice, wow...MY EYES!

kx59 said...

had to take another look.
This time I see the Pakistani policewoman on the right has her booger hook on the boom switch...bad, bad policewoman. Fortunately for her, her two compatriots fingers are laid across the trigger guard.

Anonymous said...

If you look a little closer you will see that both hands have blood over most of the area. I would have my finger on the trigger also. The Sad part is that the USA picture fits not only the women but the men. As a former LEO in Louisiana during the 70's, 80's and early 90's I will say that most of the street cops had a work out that required at least three days a week.

An Ordinary American said...

Actually, Anon, that's not blood you see on the hands of the Pakistani copette, but rather the traditional henna tattoos worn by women of the Hindu faith in that region of the world just prior to a wedding.

Typically, it is the bride who wears these temporary tattoos with the message being to the rest of the community (especially men) that the women is about to be married, and thus "off the market."

Bridesmaids also wear these henna tattoos as a show of support for the bride.

The tattoos are extremely intricate and can take hours to ink. They are temporary and while they do not wash off, they do fade in time--usually one to two months.


Anonymous said...


Henna (Mehndi) is used by women all over the Indian Subcontinent (as well as North Africa & The Middle East). Its a pan-religious tradition and generally employed for all special occasions. Its also used by Muslim men to die their beards red, this is most frequently done in Northern Pakistan/Southern Afghanistan among Pathan (Pashtun) men.

Mixing of Henna with Lemon Juice and Clove oil is common, its generally said that the addition of these two ingredients speeds the uptake into the skin and prolongs the staining.

Bob Krack said...

Kinda looks like the gal from Singapore is ready for a sore left thumb..

An Ordinary American said...


Actually, it's a slide-release technique taught to a lot of women and teenagers in that part of the world.

Small hands and the instructors don't like the gun flopping around while the shooter is adjusting/re-arranging grip in order to release the slide.

Much easier for someone with small hands to simply reach the left thumb up and release the slide.


Divine Theatre said...

Female police officers are about as useful as midget basketball players.

An Ordinary American said...


You've never investigated a rape, have you? Trust me, the ONLY officer you want working with the victim is a female officer.

I worked with several different female agents and officers on U/C assignments. They were superb.

I'll also tell you that juries relate better to female officers than they do male officers, all else being equal.


Anonymous said...

It is ok kx59, the United States has taught Pakistan many lessons in collateral damage. If the booger finger slips and hits a child, they know how to spin the story.

Randy said...

That obese POS at the bottom isn't a DC cop. The uniform looks like LACSO or San Bernardino County SO. I think is a California uniform. Most DC cops are smaller and in better shape, it helps them run from the other cops when they get caught breaking into a house or doing a drive by.

agirlandhergun said...

Was. Not. Expecting. That.

RegT said...

Divine Theatre,

Sorry, sweetie, but your ignorance is showing. When I worked as a San Diego Police officer, there were several female officers in my division I preferred to have back me up over some of the guys I worked with. Some women aren't good LEO material, but some are excellent. Just like us male types.

Anonymous said...

U only get turkey legs in the suburbs surrounding DC. Never seen them at any festival in DC. If it was a officer in the DC METRO area, it would be a Park police, but its not.

Anonymous said...

The actual Singapore police uniform bears no resemblance to the one in the picture, at all.

Larry said...


You suck! Where's the brain bleach???

(seriously guys...we're going to make an issue over uniforms and whether or not turkey legs can be found in DC? Lighten up Francis, it's called "humor" on our planet.)

selsey.steve said...

I served in the Royal Hong Kong Police for alwost thirty years; the best thing that PHQ did was to agree to arm the Women Police. The women were brilliant on patrol duties and, unlike their male counterparts, were never afraid to draw their Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver and stick the muzzle of that weapon in the face of some Triad thug who thought that he could brow-beat a 'simple' WPC.
The armed women were a major shock to the local crims!

Erin said...

Video tribute to Police Women :-)

Erin said...

Video tribute to Police Women :-)

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