Friday, January 16, 2015

So you want to spit on Chris Kyle's grave, do you?

The harder you reap, the more you sew. And that is not always a good thing.

Yesterday I get this entry on my Facebook timeline about some guy in Olathe, Kansas by the name of Micah Horner posting some really derogatory garbage about Chris Kyle, the famous Navy SEAL sniper who was murdered last February.

Being the curious sort that I am and having actually met Mr. Kyle shortly after he discharged from the Navy, I went to this loser's Facebook page and got a glimpse of the garbage he was posting.

What caught my eye wasn't necessarily the inflammatory things he was saying about Kyle, but rather that the idiot also had the fact that he was a business owner posted on that same FB page.

I think Bugs Bunny often referred to such nutsacks as "maroons."

Karma is a curious wench. Often times she works right along the old Biblical proverb of "so as you reap, so shall you sew." And in this case, the harvest for Mr. Micah Horner and his business, The Modern Maids, is bountiful.

But not exactly how you'd expect.

Veterans from all over have been posting derogatory reviews on every website they can find ranging from Google to Yahoo to Yelp and others deriding The Modern Maids and urging potential patrons to spend their hard-earned dollars elsewhere.

Johnson County, Kansas is extremely conservative. I know. We lived there for three wonderful years. Kansas also sends a disproportionate amount of young people into the military to serve their country and as such, does not look favorably upon those who would spit upon the nation's finest.

Here is the link to Yelp's review page for The Modern Maids. I'll warn you right now that you will laugh out loud at some of the reviews. Veterans, when angered. . . well, we can be a creative bunch.

Just as it is Micah Horner's right and freedom to deride and make derogatory remarks about Chris Kyle and other veterans, it is our right to make sure that his fertile field of business--Johnson County, Kansas--knows how this business owner feels about those who risk their lives to safeguard the freedoms we all enjoy.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

So where's the money?

Back in August of last year, a story came out that saw some coverage for a brief moment, then faded.

There must've been a new episode of Dancing With The Stars coming on that week as the attention span of the general American public was at its typical "don't bother me with the facts, just please move away from my television, okay?" mentality that has us where we're at today.

 In the story, no less than forty-seven inspectors general formally complained about being shut out of investigating/auditing the very agencies that we, the taxpayers--their bosses, mind you--pay them to make sure there is no financial hanky-panky going on.

Shut out.

Was this the DWTS episode where one of the duck hunters' kids was dancing? Maybe a more fair question would be: Can the general American public not tear their apathetic brain-dead butts away from the idiot tube long enough to see what is going on under their very noses in the cesspool that passes for our nation's capital?

Forty-seven different agencies representing billions of our hard-earned dollars are operating under this administration with exactly zero oversight. Zero. And we, the American public, can't seem to give a you-know-what.

Get away from my TV set, damnit!

I recently wrote a novel called False Gods in which the overriding theme was "follow the money" in finding out where the corruption lay in government and Wall Street/big business. Only, in the novel Americans finally began to wake up.

If the average American had to turn over their entire household income to a financial bill-paying service and was told every month that they need to earn more money because the bill-paying service doesn't have enough to pay the bills--even though an excess of money had been given to the bill-paying service--most Americans of even average intelligence would be livid. We'd be demanding to know where the hell our money went and what the hell did the bill-paying service do with it? If we didn't like the answers, we'd immediately fire the bill-paying service at the least and many of us would move to sue them and recover our money in court.

But when it comes to our government, we seem to not give a damn and instead reach for the television remote.

We're paying all this money into to Washington and we're being told it isn't enough. When a few people try to demand, per the law, to know where the public money is going and how it is being used they are locked out--illegally--by the public employee lawyers hired by these public employee agencies.

And we put up with it.

Now, I guess, the story is back and making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites.

We have a new Congress in session. I propose that we, the American People, raise bloody hell with our elected representatives on a weekly, if not a daily basis to let the IGs find out where our money is going. With today's internet and cell phone technology, it is easier than ever to contact our elected misfits and make their lives miserable by demanding that they uphold the oaths and promises they undertook when they asked us to hire them for another term in the cesspool.

You can find your elected wimp here. You can call the switchboard at: (202) 224-3121.

Light 'em up, folks.

When it comes to where to buy groceries and furniture and medicine and clothes, we have a choice. If we don't like the excesses that we see from any particular business or company, we have the choice to shop and spend our money elsewhere. We don't have that ability with our government which is exactly why we need to hold their feet to a magma-hot fire on a daily basis.

Try recording DWTS and watching it later. Take care of business first.

Monday, January 12, 2015

I can't take the embarrassment anymore.

What passes for leadership in the United States of America is pathetic.

I'm not just talking about the piece of subhuman sewage known as Barack Hussein Obama or the low/no-IQ assclown some call "Uncle Joe" or the eunuch that serves as Secretary of State or the race-baiting radical Attorney General.

I'm talking about damn near the entire Congress of the United States of America. I'm talking about the Pentagon. I'm talking about the Supreme Court. I'm talking about virtually every individual who resides and works inside the Beltway who gives our "leadership" a pass every single time they embarrass America and her citizens.

By now we all know what happened at the French rag Charlie Hebdo. I have no love lost for that POS publication. I find them vile, demeaning and basically oxygen thieves. The only good thing I can say for them is that they were--and remain--equal opportunity assholes when it comes to insulting people from all spectrums of humanity.

So the radical ragheads (are there any other kind?) send a goon squad in to shoot the place up and kill as many as they can. On the way out, we see where one of the terrorists shoots an unarmed cop point blank. We hear the world roar in outrage.

What we don't hear is the leadership from the U.S. saying much of anything. The stinking spineless journalists here in America are little more than overly made up blowdried facelifted fartblowers who urinate submissively at the first hint of being threatened with physical harm.

Fox News, the biggest fraud perpetuated on conservatives since John McCain, was even censoring the word "terrorist" from their news reports. Hell, after all these radical ragheads could storm Fox News Headquarters one day and the limpdicks at Fox don't want to be seen as aggravating an already "unfortunate situation." CNN and MSNBC and the lamestream networks. . . their responses were entirely predictable.

The leaders of the free world gather in Paris--all except the leaders from the U.S. because we have no leaders here. We have talkers. We have whiners. Our coward-in-chief wasn't about to go and be seen front and center railing against the likes of Islamic terrorists. I wonder effing why?

Uncle Joe is just flat too stupid to be seen in public these days. Besides, he's Obama's life insurance policy. John Kerry speaks the language but the French were in no mood to hear apologetic or appeasement ramblings from Lurch on a day that many in France equated to our own 9/11. And Eric Holder? He was freaking there already, but didn't show up. But then again, if he's a leader, then my ass is a magazine cover.

But where have our elected officials been? John Boehner could've grabbed a case of Kleenex and several fifths of bourbon and flown over to Paris. So could Mitch McConnell. For that matter, so could damned near any of our so-called leaders inside the Beltway.

But they didn't. And aside from a handful, none of them are even making any serious waves about the abject embarrassment America's no-show has caused us.

And yet, we still have half of the country cheering on this asshole of a president.

That continues to tell me all I need to know about the State of the Union. No need for me to waste the brain cells watching it live next month.

If only. . . only the ending to Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor could happen.

Sooner the better.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The end would justify the means.

Catching up a little on various odds and ends, thoughts and ponderings.

• Sales for my latest novel, False Gods, continue to do well and feedback via e-mail and other sources is good. Reviews are beginning to trickle in on Amazon and are very flattering.

The most common comment or theme from the readers' feedback is the ending of the novel--or more importantly, why hasn't it happened?

Update on what's next here.

• I just saw some stories on a bunch of racists storming into restaurants and bistros and harassing diners and interrupting their meals. I also noted that this happened in New York and Oakland. Funny that I didn't see any stories about it happening in Fort Worth, Texas or Overland Park, Kansas or Pensacola, Florida or Charleston, South Carolina.

Maybe folks in those locales wouldn't put up with it? Or maybe folks in those locales quit looking at just the pigment of someone's skin some years ago and have been looking far deeper into their character ever since. . . on both sides of the skin color? #BlackBrunchRacists

I won't hold my breath waiting on the mainstream media to report fairly or accurately on this.

• I quit following the National Felons League (NFL) when it not only welcomed Michael Vick back into its embrace, but hailed him as returning hero, a victim and made him a millionaire. I haven't watched a Super Bowl in over a decade. Having spent all those years in major ad agencies, the Super Bowl has become nothing but another revenue-generating event for Wall Street with a little football occasionally tossed in. I do miss the old days of the early Super Bowls. The Cowboys 24 - 3 victory over the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI will always be my favorite. Admittedly, my wife and I enjoyed the romping and stomping of the Buffalo Bills in back to back Bowls.

These days, I have no love lost for the NFL nor the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones' ego is difficult for me to abide by and when the average Dallas fan can't remember all the coaches who've been through the Valley Ranch headquarters, but know that Jerry had a hand in bringing them in then running them off. . .

So I watched a news clip this morning showing what looked like a pass interference call on a Dallas player against a Detroit player. The refs picked up the flag and no foul was called or enforced and Dallas went on to win/steal the game.

Of course they did. Super Bowls make money and that money comes from the largest of television markets and it's been a long time since the Dallas television market has enjoyed that kind of revenue. Detroit's television market is dismal. No jobs, no economy, no money. Why would the NFL want to see a Super Bowl with Detroit in it?

But for all the butt-hurt Detroit fans who continue to whine about the flag being picked up on that play, I wonder if they are just as butt-hurt over that notoriously dirty player having his suspension lifted for a flagrant, intentional attempt to injure the Green Bay quarterback?

• Hawaii continues to be on my "No Fly/No Visit" list. Their fawning over the Imposter-in-Chief, their elected officials' voting record and their gun laws--plus several miserable experiences during TDYs there back in the military--continue to have me cheering for typhoons, tsunamis and lava flows.

• And finally, here's a treat for you. This is pretty incredible to watch and may very well be the best 1:39 you spend today. Enjoy.