Thursday, July 21, 2011

360 degree panoramic view of space shuttle's flight deck

OK, pilots and non-pilots, this is cool.
I still remember the Gemini and Apollo space programs.

Back then, the idea of putting a "flying machine" in space that could fly back to earth, land on a paved surface and under its own power was the stuff science fiction was made of.

Of course, back then lasers, wireless telephones (cell phones/flip phones like Nextel) and other things were considered science fiction as well.

Today, you can buy a laser pointer pen at your local Walgreens for around five bucks, and everyone who walks upright has seen the Nextel radio phones--similar to what the Star Trek guys used in the very first original episodes.

Here is a cool 360 degree panoramic view of the Space Shuttle Discovery's flight deck.

What a great program. What an idiot we have in the Oval Office to kill this program.


Kim said...

Really is a sad day. I dreamed of space as a little girl. Even now the sky fascinates me. I have a few pilots in the family and have thought myself of getting my license but so many other things come first when you are a stay at home mom, lol.

Mudbug said...

I love the link. They weren’t kidding in “From the Earth to the Moon,” when the astronauts commented about Velcro. There is a ton of it in the shuttle. Too bad the shuttle program had to end to be able to see such a cool view of the cockpit.

Shiroi Doma said...

Science - and exploration - pays off in spades, always. White House Jerk knows that but likely is too sympathetic to this country's enemies to stand up for anything other than contra-USA programs.

Old NFO said...

Damn, you beat me to it :-) We truly ARE at the end of an era... For the first time since Mercury, we have NO program and nothing in the works. I liked CAPCOM's final comment on Thursday AM after Atlantis rollout, they came on and said, "Well done America, well done."