Monday, December 22, 2014


The latest labor of love is now officially in publication and distribution in Ebook and print.

2013 saw me spending far more time in the hospital and in various stages of (surgical) recovery than I've experienced since my early 20's when I got out of the military. 

On one hand, one would think it would be easier to write while under the influence of pain medications. Well, it's hard to write when you're asleep in your easy chair and the laptop is indeed in your lap and you're both in sleep mode. And then there's the issue of falling asleep with your hands still on the keyboard and when the wife wakes you up to come to bed (to get more sleep), you look at the screen and see you have just typed either the letter "j" or the letter "f" non-stop for 694 pages.

So in between hospital bouts and deleting hundreds of pages of text that only contained one letter, I dutifully continued to stroke away at the keyboard and finish the book.

The theme of the book is that there are no bigger or more dangerous false gods than Big Government, Big Business and Wall Street--three entities that have duped the middle-class into supporting them financially and politically and for their efforts now find themselves with the knife of elitism stuck in squarely in their backs.

As my friend Miguel Gonzales states, I'm an optimist. Within the pages of False Gods are the seeds of hope planted, nurtured and carefully grown by the next generation of leaders within our nation.

You can find it in ebook and print at and iTunes, and in ebook format at online book retailers in the U.S. and Europe.