Thursday, July 14, 2011

Former Hooters girl now lawmaker in Tennessee

I'm a Texan and other than Tennessee being in the South, should have no real interest in what goes on there.

But I do. And it revolves around a former Hooters girl and model who is now a lawmaker in Tennessee.

And she's catching hell for it.

I'm convinced there is a lot of tit-envy out there amongst the dogs of the mainstream media and liberal political act-up cesspools like and MediaMatters.

So when a young, 29-year-old former model and waitress at Hooters, who is college educated by the way--and worked at Hooters to help pay for that education--beats a NINE-TIME DEMOCRAT INCUMBENT, naturally the liberal, hypocritical alpha-hotels in the media and gossip circles have to go on the attack mode. Of course, this young professional woman is also a member of the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America.

And just like with Sarah Palin, the dirt was getting dug and add a little spittle to it and presto, mud.

Latest flap is that she "carved her initials" in her desk at the state legislature.

Big effing deal. I saw the photograph. Scratched is more like it; I'd hardly use the word "carved" to describe--

Wait a minute. These are (supposedly) schooled and professional journalists that are reporting this crime of the century. Shouldn't THEY know the difference between "carved" and "scratched?" And when you have headlines that intentionally lead readers to think that Ms. Hurley is a national representative rather than a state representative. . .

Excuse me, Mainstream Media. More of your bullshit bias is showing.

What little I know of Ms. Hurley, I like. I have no problem with her past employment at Hooters. Hooters is a fantastically and wildly successful business concept. I like Hooters because ugly liberal females despise it. That means I can drink a beer in relative peace should I feel the need to do so.

For the record, I can count the number of times I frequent Hooters in a three-year span on one hand and have fingers left over. But as a retired senior marketing executive, I know a winning concept when I see one. And when I saw Hooters roll out their concept in Florida all those years back, I was cheering them on.

I also admire anyone who works their way through college. I did it, and I even had help via some veterans programs. I know what it's like to be hungry.

Julia Hurley knows it better than me, and she knows what it takes to feed not just her mouth, but another's as well.

You see, Ms. Hurley became a mother at age 15.

Normally, that would be a move that liberals would stand up and salute. You know, "Single mom struggles against all odds" and that kind of stuff. Well, that was Julia Hurley's REAL life story.

She had her chance to quit. She got sick, seriously sick, somewhere around halfway through college. Was out for six months. Hooters hired her back and she worked just as hard there as she did at college.

She also started her own business--which she continues to own and operate today. That's a 29-year-old self-employed successful small business owner.

You know, the arch enemy of the Kenyan imposter and today's liberal asshats.

Julia earned her way. And she didn't do it the Frank Sinatra "I Did It MY Way" either. She did it the hard way. And the liberals and their lapdog mutts in the media can't stand it.

My message to the young Congresswoman from western Tennessee is this: Continue being a great mom, take care of your small business and stay true to your values.

Everything else will fall in place.

You're good people, Julia. You're the type we need more of.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? The liberals are getting morally and ethically bent about this? Gah.

They run candidates that hang out in gay bars and bath houses. If I am expected to give people like that a fair shake, then this little lady will get one too.

I will drink beers in Hooters if you are buying AOA. You would no doubt appreciate my alcohol fuelled scholarly opinions on aeronautical matters...

RVN11B said...


We, as in America in general, need many many more individuals like her in all professions. Especially so in politics! Definitely has the right work ethic, and is definitely easy on the eyes!

Try and beat that Pelosi!

Old NFO said...

Idjits... sigh... Good for HER!!!

An Ordinary American said...

Agreed with everyone.

I'm rooting for this young woman. I don't expect her to be perfect or without error.

But somehow, I don't think we'll see her pulling an Anthony Weiner on Tennessee, or worse yet, embarrassing her great state the way Al Gore did when he (allegedly. . .) went sex-craved with a massage therapist.

These are PRECISELY the kind of "citizen legislators" that our Founding Fathers had in mind.

More power and more kudos to her.


Blue said...

A woman after my own heart! Excellent post. Thanks for sharing.