Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pimp justice.

I just want to be left alone. That's all.

Reclusive is a word that describes me better and better as I grow older. My wife says "meaner" is another word that fits me with each advancing year.

Not so sure about that one. "Less tolerant of BS" is perhaps a better description.

Of the things in the world, however, that I have always hated, anyone who purposefully, intentionally abuses women, children and animals has always been at the top of the list.

Which brings us to pimps.

I hate pimps. With a passion. They are nothing more than human cockroaches scurrying the streets and inner-city passage ways of our great nation. They are abusive to their women, sometimes to the point of being fatal. Women are simply a commodity to them, that's all.

The fact that shit-ass gangster rappers adulate pimps is one of a number of reasons why I have no use for gangster rappers. Or gangsters.

But sometimes justice does rear its head, and in the most delightful, outstanding of ways.

Watch the video. It's only a minute or so long and is an actual news story. It will be one of the best minutes you've ever spent in your entire life.

It doesn't get much better than that. It just doesn't.


Kim said...

Ahhahaha. Sometimes I really wish people would think before they speak. I wish they would think before they breath too but that isn't going to happen. It is nice to see karma at work.

North said...

I disagree, Lila. I'm glad the pimp didn't think. He got to eat pavement as a result. :-D

I happen to know a teeny OLD dude with exceptional martial arts skills that has often put street thugs in their place. A street group will push him around, he leaves one conscious to cry to the police.

Old NFO said...

I put that one right up there with the video from Britain of the punk who swings on a boxer and gets knocked cold for his trouble... :-)

Tango Juliet said...

I like the word "curmudgeon" myself.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame the pimp did not become a speed bump.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed, I would rather have seen the pimp get beaten AND shot.

I would admonish Americans that they have these great CCW laws. What fun is it if you don't take advantage of them?

On a serious note, AOA - could an ordinary American have legally pulled a gun in this situation?

snakeskin said...

Anon..I am AOA's cousin and know that in Texas he posed a threat and could have been shot. The problem is he is unarmed. He didn't even have a brain so it may have been a tough sell to a jury unless the defendent was a woman or very small man. We do have the "Castle Law" but it may not apply here.

Blue said...

"and even when they get him to his feet, he isn't able to walk anyway...." Priceless!

RVN11B said...

Snakeskin, just my perspective. It does not matter if the perp has a weapon. If you feel that you are in danger of bodily harm and/or fear for your life then you have that option to blow his stupid ass away.
At least in my state.

Having witnesses and a video helps too.

ParaPacem said...

I saw this before. It makes me sad.
Because he got up.

Kitsune said...

Hate pimps? Hate the Underworld...he isn't the only scum on this Earth.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous, Hugh Heffner is not a pimp... He is a sugar daddy/John. Do u really think those girls are there for free much less paying him?! Lol.
Dennis Hof is a business owner. He owns a legal brothel, where girls can eat, sleep, and rent rooms to do their biz. Might sound like a pimp but the girls keep something like 70-80% of their earnings. Real street pimps TAKE 80-100%!!!!! They operate by endless mind games, abuse, Keeping the girls broke so they remain dependant, and getting girls young and underage.
I don't completely agree with men running brothels. I think it poses a major conflict of interest. Female madams are much more professional and safe in my mind. But either way it is a million times better than a street pimp.

For example... A girl decides she wants to leave the line of work
Hugh Heff... "Ok sweetie we are gonna miss you! here's the new porsche I was saving for your bday, and $80,000 to help with your future goals"

Dennis Hof... "Sad to see you leave us, goodluck with your new job, we will throw your going away party on Saturday"

pimp... "you gona what bytch!!? Get yo good fo nuttin a$$ bak here! Only place u goin is thru ma fist! Tha quota just doubled fo u fo tha next fo months! No sleepin till u bring ma damn paper!!!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

I think the reason people hate pimps is because of the ones that use force and violence. I also think non-violent pimps are also hated because society is OK with a woman getting over on a man for money but they hate when a man or pimp gets over on a woman for money. There is a double standard. So women should go to jail for 20 years just like the pimps do when they con and play men out of their money. Let us keep it fair.