Thursday, July 7, 2011

Arizona police arrest woman speaking at city council meeting. So much for the First Amendment.

Right now, my hands are shaking so bad it's hard to type.

I'm so damned mad I could. . .

This information was forwarded to me by The Orange Jeep Dad as it's apparently happening almost on his back porch.

Quartzite, Arizona. A sleepy little town located at the junction of Interstate 10 and Hwy 95 in almost due central Arizona. A city-council of questionable ethics and morals. An open venue meeting. A citizen who requests time to speak and is granted.

Until she begins to expose a dirty little insider deal run by some of the city council members.

Then the police, acting in the finest tradition of secret Stasi police everywhere, arrested her.

Let's set the stage for this. Here are four minutes of some of the most damning and chilling video you may ever watch for the rest of your life. What makes it frightening is that it doesn't take place in Moscow or Beirut or Berlin or Bejing.

It doesn't even take place in Chicago or Seattle or San Francisco or New York.

It takes place in Small Town, America.

It's in Quartzite, Arizona today. Tomorrow, it could be in your town.

This wasn't the first time for Mrs. Jones. She filed a police harassment lawsuit against head thug Jeff Gilbert, who poses and is ostensibly paid as a police chief, and the city management.

Mrs. Jones publishes the Desert Freedom Press and has been critical of the Quartzite Police Department in the past--and in particular, of Jeff Gilbert. If you'll recall from the video, the chief is REPEATEDLY admonished by the Mayor, his BOSS, that he is out of order and in violation of the rules of the council.

The chief blatantly ignores the mayor, and in doing so, shits all over the First Amendment.

It seems, according to the mayor, that a great majority of the town live in fear of Gilbert and his police force. Now, before you go thinking this is hyped up hyperbole and grandstanding hysteria, check these two pieces out first. Then come back and tell me what you think.

In the words of Mayor Ed Foster, a retired United States Marine and former engineer for Wrigley Chewing Gum--

"He's just an insane person, that chief of police," the mayor said of Gilbert. "He's a Nazi ... he's completely out of control. He thinks he's running the town."

Mayor Foster said it's not just the police chief, but also the town manager and tax collector who are creating a terrifying atmosphere.

"People in town are scared to death of them," he said. "It's just a clear pattern of harassment and intimidation by this government. These people have run this town like they owned it. It's got to be fixed and I'm not going to quit until I see them in jail."

The mayor says the council has even precluded him from examining the payroll. He believes he's uncovered some possible financial wrongdoing involving checks being paid to unknown personnel, and he speculates the recipients could be councilmembers themselves.

"They're playing a sleight-of-hand with federal money," Foster said. "I've tried to get the FBI, the governor and attorney general involved, and no one has paid attention. But since this video, people are asking, 'What's going on in Quartzsite?'"

It's not just Mrs. Jones and the mayor that have legitimate concerns over Jeff Gilbert and his badged goons. It seems some of Gilbert's own cops have some big time problems with his tactics and operations and have filed grievances with AZPOST, the state's certification board and authority for law enforcement in Arizona.

Not just a handful, either. Ten sworn officers turned over evidence to the board last month and read a statement to a city council meeting.

Gilbert's response? More arrests.

The more I google for information and news about Quartzite, Arizona, the more horrified I become. Actually, strike that. The more pissed off I become.

Arizona--you have a problem. A big problem in a small town. You need to address it. Your fellow Arizonians are being treated no differently than Stalin or Hitler treated dissenters, or how the stinking Chi-comms treat dissenters.

Difference is, we have a First Amendment that allows political disagreement. We also have laws.

It appears that asswipe of a police chief couldn't give a damn about either.

He needs a new uniform. One with stripes. Or maybe a pink one, courtesy of Sheriff Joe.

Because what is happening in Anytown, America--in this case, Quartzite, Arizona--is against everything that America stands for.


Old NFO said...

Scary is right... And I've actually driven through that town a few times over the years... I'd hate to think what would happen if I got stopped coming back from a hunting trip with a load of guns in the car.

Uncle Don said...

I would love to do a little "housecleaning" in this town. Is that where we are as a nation now? We, the citizens must take the law into our own hands to involke the constitution?

Kim said...

It just boggles my mind that the state and federal authorities haven't listened to this Mayor. If a mayor comes to me with this kind of info I would do some looking. I really hope this video helps this town. This is completely disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with this Tex.

My understanding of Arizona is that it is just chock full of guys just like you and Uncle Don... The kind of guys where - if you lean on 'em - you will regret it.

Why hasn't one of these dummies been shot yet? With civil liberties being what they are, shouldn't these guys have been eaten alive years ago? I find it odd that somebody hasn't properly stood up yet.

Something isn't adding up...

An Ordinary American said...


At the root of places like Arizona and Texas is the idea that we are law-abiding citizens. To that end, we have to let the system have first shot, if you will, at correcting a problem.

Secondly, we have our share of absolute pussies in Texas same as they do in Arizona and same as any state or nation does.

Unfortunately, the pussies let things with bullies get out of hand to the point that it now affects everyone else.

And finally, I doubt that police chief Jeff Gilbert or some of his goons actually mess with the more, shall we say "hardened" citizens of Quartzite or La Paz county. I think they know pretty well that their carcass would be discovered days or weeks later somewhere in the desert picked over by the buzzards.

I salute Jeniffer Jones for standing up and Mayor Ed Foster for standing up and for the folks who are trying to get the AZ justice system to deal with this.

But, if the system fails Quartzite and La Paz county, in all honesty, I'm not sure what will happen.

And you have to be careful in speculating lest you be accused of sedition.


Anonymous said...

Jade Jones is a dog fighter and a nut. She is always looking for an easy pay day so she doesn't have to work. I'm not saying the council is in order but this woman is not to be trusted!

An Ordinary American said...


You're missing the point.

It's not about the City Council, per se, it's about a police chief who continues to shit all over the Bill of Rights--and does it while wearing a badge and a gun.

It's Jade Jones' right to be a quackpot and it's her right to speak out.

The Council could easily impose a five-minute rule for speaking, after which she could THEN be legally removed, etc etc.

But that's not the case and you know it.