Friday, May 6, 2011

Who gives a **** if bin Laden was unarmed?

I don't.

Osama bin Laden described himself as a warrior--and warriors are never unarmed.

Guns are not the only weapons a warrior can use. They can use knives, sticks, swords, their hands, their feet.

Osama bin Laden was not unarmed, so get over it.

What's more, I don't give a you-know-what whether he fought back or not, whether he tried to surrender or not, or whether he pulled his tallywhacker out and went to flogging it in an attempt to distract the snake-eaters who dispatched his sorry, Saudi raghead ass.

As far as the photos. . .

I could really care less at the end of the day. The SEALs said they waxed him--that's good enough for me. The son of a bitch is deader than Al Gore's marriage, and that's all that really matters.

However. . .

The rationale behind not releasing the photographs of bin Laden or for burying him at sea rather than in a landfill here in the U.S. filled with pig jowls is pretty weak.

Our Muslim-loving president says, "We don't spike the football." I say, "The hell we don't." I don't give a rat-fornication about offending the Muslim world. In fact, I'd like to offend the Muslim world so much and so to the point that they get their Sharia-law loving asses the hell out of our country because they're too offended to stay here.

Offending the rest of the world? Who gives a damn. Outside of a handful of countries that are our allies, and we theirs, I couldn't care less what the Congo Republic or Peru or Italy or any of the -stan countries think. We give them money via foreign aid, and to show their gratitude and appreciation, they shit on us at every possible opportunity within the United Nations.

So, I say spike the damn football. It's a pigskin, after all, so spike it right down their throats.

Pakistan is now feigning an attitude with us? Nuke their two-timing, back-stabbing asses off the planet. What a bunch of lying assholes. They claim they had no idea the world's number one public enemy had been hiding out right under their noses for damn near a year?

I don't buy it, which is why I don't give a flying fornication what Pakistan or anyone from Pakistan thinks about us.

Bottom line is this:

• Osama bin Laden, the prick, is dead and it doesn't matter one whit whether or not he was armed or unarmed when our SEALs sent him to the Land of 72 Virgin Goats. He's dead.

• We don't need pictures. But what we need even less is a president saying that we don't spike the football and a House full of RINOs whining that we don't take trophies. I wish they had brought Osama's head on a stick back with them, stuck it in Ground Zero, and let everyone who lost family and loved ones on that fateful day walk by and piss down his skull.

• Pakistan doesn't even deserve to be a country.

Our so-called leaders and the sheep that follow and bleat for them still can't accept the fact that we are in a war. This is not a war between governments. This is a war between peoples.

The next attack that happens on U.S. soil. . . I want to be sure and remind the "don't spike the football" crowd about that.

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