Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Was John McCain hit on the head one too many times while a POW?

I've never been a fan of the Arizona senator and Republican disgrace.

In fact, I primarily refer to him as Senator McVain as he is second only to Chuckie Schumer of New York when it comes to being in love with tv cameras and microphones. For the record, I also consider McVain one of the biggest RINOs this nation has ever seen.

These two frauds will do anything, say anything, be anything just for a shot at being president. They're so transparent that even Stevie Wonder can see right through them.

As a veteran, I respect McCain's time in uniform. As a citizen, I am disgusted at his putting himself and his "image" first, and the American people a distant third. Who is second, between himself and us?

The media.

McVain is a media whore. Not quite a street-walking crack whore, but he's getting there. His latest little bout of bravo-sierra published in the Washington ComPost gives more credence to this assertion when he rails on "Bush apologists" for claiming that "enhanced interrogation" helped assist in the finding of Osama bin Laden--a fact McVain disputes.

George W. Bush handed McVain his ass in the primaries in 2000, and McVain has never forgotten--or forgiven. All McVain's talk about "conservative solidarity" is pure bullshit.

McVain is about "McCain solidarity" and nothing more.

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