Friday, May 20, 2011

Someone should've shoved that cell phone up her ass.

Finally, a little justice in the world of obnoxious cell-phone addicts who refuse to shut up their senseless, loud, obnoxious blathering.

It seems that Lakeysha Beard got tossed off an Amtrak ride for braying loudly and endlessly--SIXTEEN HOURS WORTH OF ENDLESS--on her damned cell phone.

Several thoughts come to mind:

1. Who the hell talks non-stop for sixteen hours besides a politician or tv evangelist?

2. What kind of super turbo-charged battery did this woman have on her cell phone that allowed her to yak for a day and a half?


4. I'll bet a pair of my Tony Lamas this woman is a HUGE (in spirit, as well as in physical size) supporter of the Kenyan imposter and great Osama-killer.

And why would I possibly think she is a fan and supporter of our present White House resident?

Because this fat, ugly, inconsiderate piece of human sewage is trying to make herself out to be the victim! She says she felt "disrespected" when other passengers reminded her that she was in a "quiet" car which meant. . . NO GODDAMN CELL PHONES!

She breaks the rules, gets called on it--repeatedly--and then says SHE was disrespected.

Folks, my patience for such people is at an all-time low right now. My tolerance for people yakking on their cell phones at restaurants, banks, grocery stores, etc is dangerously low. I ignore them right up to the point to where their inconsiderate behavior infringes upon my personal space or personal time. Examples:

• At a restaurant last week, some businessman was talking so loud that he was drowning out the two young people playing acoustic guitars on stage. Several patrons, including the restaurant manager, asked him to either step in the coat room to finish his conversation or to please lower his voice.

He ignored everyone and informed us all that he was "on important business."

I'd had enough. I excused myself from my dinner party, got up, walked over to his table, took his phone from his ear and told him I was going to shove that phone up his ass if he didn't take his conversation elsewhere.

He blustered and threatened (threatened to have me arrested and to sue me for "assault" until I told him, very quietly, that he had NO idea what "assault" really was) and turned red in the face. His dinner companion, another male, offered zero interference and actually looked relieved.

I got a standing ovation from our section of the restaurant and the manager comped our entire table's evening meal.

• Just yesterday, I was in line at the grocery store around the corner from our home. A woman was yakking non-stop while in line and kept telling the cashier to "hold on just a minute." She was talking about someone she'd seen at last night's "dance rehearsal" for her daughter.

I got right up next to her face and phone and started singing The Star Spangled Banner at the top of my lungs.

The entire grocery store got quiet and the manager came running. Cashier and customers explained everything. I didn't get a discount, but the lady was so mad and embarrassed that she just left her stuff and the rest of us got to check out and leave.

Inconsiderate assholes. To hell with them.

I have nothing against cell phones. What I have a problem with is the incivility they create and the total aspect of sheer rudeness that results. It's bad enough that people yak non-stop on them in their cars, but hey, at least we don't have to listen to them.

But at the movies? At the grocery store? At restaurants? Seems like everywhere you go, people are yakking--loudly--on their damned cell phones. And yes, even at church. I'm probably going to hell because someone at church a good while back wouldn't shut up and my message to him wasn't exactly Christian.

I hope more people start disrespecting these pieces of human sewage like Lakeysha Beard.

As long as they have no respect for everyone else, they deserve no respect themselves.


Shiroi Doma said...

Howling funny, and right on target! Next jerk gets "All-American Soldier" or "C-130" in the face as if it were Hell Week!

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Anonymous said...

"I have nothing against cell phones. What I have a problem with is the incivility they create and the total aspect of sheer rudeness that results."

I -DO- have something against cell phones, as well as against incivility. However, cell phones don't "create" incivility, any more than guns "cause" murder or Jim Beam "causes" alcoholism. Rather, the damn electronic garbage simply exposes the incivility that was ALREADY THERE in the first place!

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