Thursday, May 12, 2011

LSU students chase would-be flag burner off campus. Hell, yeah!

"Go to hell, hippie! Go to hell!"
--LSU students chanting as they chased would-be flag burner off campus

This is delicious. Abso-freaking-lutely delicious.

Some jerkwad by the name of Benjamin Haas, a campus poet at Louisiana State University (LSU) published last year in some Canadian left-wing journal, decided he wanted to burn the U.S. flag. Oh, he also teaches in the classroom, too.

The little pissant, Haas, wanted to burn a U.S. flag in protest of another little pissant student who was arrested for burning the flag a few hours after U.S. Navy SEALs ventilated Osama bin Laden's skull.

LSU gave the numbnuts (Haas) permission to speak, but not a burn permit. When the graduate communication student got up to speak in the "free speech" area, he basically got his commie ass chased off the campus--literally--by an angry mob.

Good for you folks on campus at LSU who chased this asshole off campus.

Even better is this tidbit from the Fox News story--
"It's time that my generation stand up for what they believe in and exercise their freedom of speech and let people know that we are not OK with this," said Cody Wells, the student government association president. "I am angry that an individual would want to do this at a public higher education institution."
And as delicious as the story is, the comments after the story are even better. They give me hope, not just in our country, but in our college students--at least those in the South and in states like Wyoming, Utah, Montana and Idaho.

Equally as interesting is that this story is being picked up by bloggers and posted on conservative forum around the internet--but as of this writing, I haven't been able to find much at all about it by googling any of the mainstream media outfits--save for WBRZ in Baton Route. (See video here)


Hey, George Soros--kiss our Red, White and Blue ass you son of a bitch! You may be able to sway and control much of the media via your commie-bastards at MediaMatters, but you can't control the rest of us.

Congratulations Louisiana State University. You made the news today. And you made it in a way that will do you proud with tens of millions of veterans and patriotic Americans all across the land and those serving their country overseas.

Thank you, LSU. We needed this.


Mudbug said...

Makes me glad I got my degree there.

Free Speech Alley (FSA) is a really nice area on campus. Usually we ignore the morons there (Cult church people who have their 7 year olds pass out flyers and tell us we are all going to hell), so having that mob there was impressive.

And the only credit we can give numnuts is that he had the decency to remove the state flag first. But that's little consolation to him when he was in the parish lockup when they arrested him. I hope the ACLU won't take his case (the arrest wasn't over flag burning, but destroying public property.)

onesonek said...

All I can say is, the people of LSU that banded together, and ran that POS off, are true Patriots!
My deepest admiration goes out to them,,,,Thankyou!
I don't where to even start with Soros,,,,,that POS is nothing but pure evil. He needs to be run the hell off planet! I'd donate to strap his ass to the next launch!