Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gun owners have long memories, as one company is finding out

Most everyone remembers the Ruby Ridge travesty that occurred almost twenty years ago in northern Idaho.

Most everyone remembers that the FBI and their head jackboots in that fiasco got off scott-free.

What most may not remember is that a gun company tried to capitalize on the notoriety of the sniper who shot and killed an unarmed civilian woman holding a ten-month-old baby in her arms.

In 2008, in what has undoubtedly become the biggest bonehead move in the firearms industry, H-S Precision formally named FBI jackboot sniper Lon Horiuchi as a spokesperson. This is the guy who shot and killed Vicki Weaver. An unarmed Vicki Weaver. An unarmed Vicki Weaver who was holding her ten-month-old baby in her arms.

The guy who shot at an unarmed Randy Weaver while he visited the shed where his dead son--also murdered by unannounced federal agents who did not identify themselves, but instead opened fire on the family dog who was sniffing too close to their position.

The son, Samuel Weaver, was ten years of age. He was shot in the back while he was retreating back to his house.

This fuckup was first perpetrated, as expected, by the BATF. No "E" for "Explosives" back then--just plain old Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms--even though no one could remember in recent memory an "alcohol" or "tobacco" case they'd prosecuted. Just guns. Same as today save for a few explosives investigations in between running guns to Mexico to the cartels so they could later "trace their usage" when used in a crime.

Almost all of America watched and followed this whole travesty in disgust and loathing. Horiuchi caps the travesty off with the killing of Vicki Weaver.

In 2008, H-S Precision made the FBI not-so-sharp-shooter a spokesperson.

Big mistake. The gun world has a long memory. Patriots have an even longer memory.

It was reported by many that at this year's NRA convention in Pittsburgh, very little activity around the H-S Precision booth.



RVN11B said...

Just what in the world were they thinking?

That that piece of crap was a hero?

Truth to be known I am totally surprised that that crap head is still alive.

He must have one hell of a security detail.

Never-the-less, he will never ever, for all eternity, gain any respect from this disgusted citizen.

Anonymous said...

I was a mere teen at the time of the shooting and remember some of the newscasts. The family were portrayed by the media up here as numbskull gun nuts and dangerous loons, and fully responsible for the minor over reaction of the law enforcement.

My idiot mother is a liberal and I remember her scolding me and pointing to those people as, sniff - "typical gun enthusiasts".

After reading this entry, I did some reading of my own. HFS. Talk about a cluster****.

I am going to have a few choice words with dear old mummy about 'typical liberal media lickspittles'.

Nobody is too old for a spanking.

Anonymous said...

Troy Industries now employs his former partner as an "asymmetric instructor". They were going to hire Jody Weis too, a cowardly anti-gun lefty loony Chicago politifool.