Friday, May 27, 2011

Another crisis. Another vacation.

I'm referring to the Kenyan imposter, in case anyone was confused. Er, excuse me. The IRISH-Kenyan imposter.

As is typical of this president, whenever there is a crisis, he is out of town and refuses to come back. The latest example of this is the Joplin, Missouri tornado.

122 Americans dead, in Joplin alone, and this asswipe is off in Ireland looking for his "roots" and swilling suds with the locals down at the pub.

What an asshole. What a complete, utterly useless, no-class piece of shit asshole.

You know something? As a veteran, it pains me to talk about our president and commander in chief in this sort of gutter-level language.

But it pains me even greater that this imposter made one of the planks of his presidential campaign the issue of "Where was President Bush during and after Katrina?"

Well, Mr. President, where the hell have YOU been during:

1. Government in danger of shutting down, and you ran off to Williamsburg, Virginia for some R&R.

2. Japan suffers worst earthquake in its history, and you ran off to choose your NCAA basketball brackets, then prepare for your trip to Rio.

3. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and you go golfing--but say nothing when your administration criticized the BP chief for taking a day off to spend on his boat. You pathetic hypocrite.

4. Attempted Christmas Day bombing on a flight over Detroit, and you could not be bothered to even comment on it. Maybe you were too busy checking the final draft of that questionable "birth certificate" while you were in Hawaii?

Now you have 122 dead Americans and you stay in Ireland sucking down the suds?

Must be Obama's idea of New Age crisis management, because it sure as hell isn't anyone's idea of leadership.

In a country of tremendous and widespread faith (Catholic and Protestant), Obama didn't even have the class or guts or wits or whatever to even offer up a moment of silent prayer for the folks back home.

All of that pains me.

Don't ever say another word to me about Bush and Katrina.


Anonymous said...

And it pains ME even more to say this about that - it is probably better for everyone that he is where he is.

That POS couldn't handle a crisis anyways and would only get in the way.

I am confident the best people are on the job and wish them all well.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it certainly is a pain....
It pains the heart to read such things about our elected President, and even more pain to know it's the truth.

FreedomYankee said...

you've heard of the auto-pen, now you have the auto-president.

He doesn't need to be anywhere, because he's not running anything.