Monday, May 9, 2011

Illinois governor to gun-owners: Screw You!

On 6 May, 2011, it became obvious that in refusing to pass HB148 into law, the Illinois legislature, and in particular that chickenshit of a governor, Pat Quinn, that the average law-abiding citizen in Illinois simply cannot be trusted.

What we're talking about here is concealed carry for Illinoisians--something that forty-eight other states have. Wisconsin is the only other state that has absolutely no law on the books regarding concealed carry for their citizens.

Word has it, that is going to change and probably by the end of this year.

Illinois' gun laws have long been an annoyance of mine, even though I am native to, and reside in Texas. The deal is, we like to travel via the Bluebird, also known as the Cessna 172. Illinois takes up considerable ground in the midwest so it stands to reason that with the state being fairly flat, there area lot of small general aviation airports around to land at and refuel.

I believe in voting with my pocketbook, and short of a dire medical emergency, cabin-fire or engine failure, I have no intentions of having the wheels of the Bluebird ever touch down on the asphalt of any runway in the Republik of Illinois.

Not so long as Illinois refuses to trust its own citizens to legally carry a firearm. Hell, they let the criminals in Chicago carry them, by way of non or selective prosecution and/or plea-bargaining. And that's just the politicians in Chicago--never mind the gang-banger constituency. They're armed better than most third-world armies.

Of course, someone has to be the muscle for the Chicago political machine. . .

I chalk this up not necessarily to politiks (spelled with the "k" in Illinois, as in Kalifornia as well), but to an affliction known medically as cranial rectitus, of which the physical result is something like this:

Tales of "this will turn into the Wild West" were tried in Florida and Texas and Utah and everywhere else concealed carry was debated and then voted in favor of, then signed into law by respective state governors.

Turned out to be typical shrill from the Brady Bunch and other anti-freedom sissies. I refer to such groups as "anti-freedom" because:

A. They don't believe in the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights,

B. and therefore want only the military and police to have guns--hence, only the government to have guns, which when you think about it, you realize that

C. government has never been about ensuring freedom, but rather control, privilege and perks. Otherwise government wouldn't have to collect taxes at the point of a gun.

So where does that leave Illinois, which isn't exactly the free-est state in the nation?

It leaves the law-abiding patriots of Illinois unarmed when they leave their homes because too damned many of their lawmakers do not trust the law-abiding, but bend over backwards to acquiesce the law-breaking.

On a favorite haunt of mine, Cast Boolits, a longtime Illinois citizen and Cast Boolits member raised this issue. The gentleman made repeated phone calls to this asshat of a governor urging him to sign HB148, and finally, this was the outcome:

Over the past month I made FOUR phone calls to the Governor’s office, trying to schedule a meeting with either the Governor or one of his staff: On the forth phone call, the staffer that answered the phone (…And who would only identify himself as “Phillip”) told me; “Look: …..The Governor doesn’t care how many of you guys call up with your fabricated gun facts, and he doesn’t care what mistakes they’re making in other states; …He’s going to veto HB148 because he knows what’s best for Illinois!”

I believe in voting with my pocketbook, and have sent out several letters to chambers of commerce as well as gun-friendly legislators in Illinois. I've let them know that our airplane will never feel the tarmac of an Illinois airport so long as the state refuses to trust its law-abiding citizens. Just wouldn't feel right trusting the state with money when the state doesn't trust its citizenry.

In the meantime, we need to support the Illinois State Rifle Association. A few bucks in the mail and a few minutes on the phone or on the computer e-mailing Illinois legislators will go a long ways.

Let's get concealed carry passed in Illinois, and then send our own message to Governor Quinn.

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