Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Herman Cain is a professional politician's worst nightmare.

"Everyone in Washington has held public office before. How's that working out for you?"

--Herman Cain on the relevancy of political experience.

I've liked Herman Cain for a long time, going all the way back to his days when he turned around one of the worst Burger King group of restaurants into the most profitable--and in less than three years.

Then he did the same thing for Godfather's Pizza, only this time it took less than fourteen months.

Is there any doubt what he can do for America if we put him in as political CEO, also known as President of the United States?

On the big issues for me, which are Gun Control and Taxes, he's solid conservative. Gun laws are up to the individual states, he says. I agree. Federal regulation of guns is not constitutional and as a result, disastrous to law-abiding gun-owners.

A Cain presidency just might finally eliminate the hated and despised Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives.

It might also eliminated the universally reviled Internal Revenue Service, because Cain also is adamant about a Fair Tax.

On his campaign website, he has a booklet that downloads easily and quickly. It's called Cain Common Sense Solutions and I've linked you to it. Click on it and give it a quick read. You'll be impressed.

Such honesty is refreshing.

The American Thinker has an excellent piece on The Top Ten Reasons To Support Cain For President. I can't argue with any of them, and what's more, every point he makes is one of the foundation planks in the Tea Party movement. I especially like the counter argument to having never been elected. I like it so much I put it at the masthead of this column.

The liberal media is trying their damndest to ignore Cain, hoping he'll just go away. News flash--yes, intentional pun--Cain is here to stay. The mainstream, aka liberal media is scared to death of this guy when the natural comparisons to the Kenyan imposter are raised: He's clean. No affairs. No tax cheating. No scandals. No terrorist affiliations. No radical America, white-hating pastors as his mentor.

And he has a birth certificate and so far has not claimed to be Irish or have Irish blood in him.

Let's look at a few comparisons between the Kenyan imposter and Herman Cain:

• Obama was a community "organizer." Herman Cain built communities.

• Obama's only real vote of record during his Senate tenure was to vote repeatedly for approving late-term abortions. Herman Cain believes Life begins at conception.

• Obama insists we need "common sense federal gun legislation." Herman Cain trusts the States and the law-abiding citizens with the Second Amendment.

• Obama oversees agencies such as the IRS. Herman Cain has had to overcome the IRS in order to keep his workforce employed and his companies profitable.

• Obama's health, birth and college records are sealed, paid for by us taxpayers. Herman Cain's entire life is not just an open book--it's detailed in four open books. How's that for disclosure?

In order to make it to the White House, Herman Cain will need a running mate.

I propose Michelle Bachman, for obvious reasons as well as the intangibles. A Cain/Bachman ticket will have the liberals going insane. Bachman is scaring the Loonies almost every bit as much as Sarah Palin. That tells you right there the woman is right for America.

But why not Bachman/Cain?

I'd be all right with that, too, however what we need in 2012 is someone who has a proven track record of success of turning train wrecks around, cleaning up the debris, and making the lines run profitable again.

We're out of money, folks. We need a financially savvy, experienced business LEADER at the podium.

CEOs are generally somewhat smart. There are exceptions, but you don't stay top dog by being stupid--unlike in politics. CEOs stay in place by seeking and hiring the smartest specialists in their respective fields they can find.

Cain can do that, and Bachman can steer him through the political process.

For the record, I think Michelle Bachman would make one helluva good president and I think/suspect Cain would be interested in only one term. What great fertile training ground for Ms. Bachman to learn the exact intricacies of the fiscal and organizational aspects of being POTUS.

Four successful years of a Cain/Bachman administration would give everyone who (actually) works in America confidence in their ability to restore America to our path of greatness.

No wonder the pundits are shopping for sleep number beds. They're not getting much sleep since this weekend, and they're awaking with some real pain.

Serves them right.

I like Cain.


ArmedGeek said...

While I've heard him bumping around for a while, I'm just now getting serious about needing to look at this fellow. Here's my worry ... the GOP tags him as 'extreme' and 'unelectable' after the squishes in the northeast have some jackass like Romney or Pawlenty polling highly, the MSM quotes the hell out of so-called Republicans "questioning" Cain's experience and qualifications and we wind up saddled with Mitt Romney, probably the only possible candidate worse than McCain as the Republican nominee and O walks back into the Whitehouse to finish us off.

How do we combat this?

Oh, nice place you got here.

Anonymous said...

The first thing that jumped out at me was - is the race/gender card being played here? Again?

Not that it matters I suppose, these two make the right noises but how sincere are they? I will be looking into them too, but with reservations.

The last idiot in the Whitehouse was elected based on the color of his skin and not the content of his character; I would hate to see the same thing again. America is not a fast food restaurant either, it does not necessarily follow that a good business man will make a good statesman.

So far I am rather disappointed with the repubs. I hope these two are what you claim they are.

Southern Belle said...

I agree with you 100% AOA. Good article.

Armed Geek, I don't really think that you have to be concerned about what the MSM says about Cain before the primaries.

Voting Republicans know better than to get their info solely from the liberal media.

Of course, what I do worry about are those buttheads Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity who seem to be giving Newt Gingrich lip service (in more ways than one).

It's the conservative pundits that I worry about more than the so called MSM.

Southern Belle said...

To Anonymous

Our founding fathers never intended for our to be led by professional politicians and *statesmen*.

What they wanted was ordinary, every day people who lived in the communities to govern.

I think that Herman Cain is a terrific choice in that he is not a politician and will not just tell us what we want to hear.

As far as the race card goes, it would be nice to have a election where the content of character has to be judged, not the color of skin.

Anonymous said...

And yet, Belle, who can deny that the founding fathers were not politicians and statesmen? I hardly think they would advocate fast food reataurant workers for the role of POTUS, but I may be mistaken. I believe their intent was that leadership would not fall on an entitled noble class whose only qualification for the role was birthright.

None of this is to belittle the candidates; but the fact is painfully obvious that Obutthole isn't a politician either.

In the pre-election run up the candidates can and will promise anything. A little skepticism is healthy and would have prevented the last mistake from taking up residence in the Whitehouse.

Southern Belle said...

Good points Anonymous (wish you weren't anonymous). Though I have to say that I disagree on your first paragraph.

Remember, our founders set up our government so that even the sharecropper can be chosen by the people to govern. So I doubt that they would have a problem with a fast food worker becoming POTUS if they can get elected. There is something admirable about a hard day's work, but I digress.

Believe me, I am very skeptic of anyone selling snake oil.

What I like about Herman Cain is that he is straight forward. He doesn't mix words and does not speak in vague metaphors. He does not have some cheesy slogan (yet) like "Hope and Change".

My mother voted for Obama because she liked what he said. She would say, "He wants change" I would say, "What does he want to change?" She couldn't answer.

Now, dear old mom is disappointed in Obama and when she bitches about it I smile and simply ask her, "How's that hope and change going for you?"

She gets pissed at me and quickly changes the subject.

Maybe I'll blog about this very subject soon. Stop in and see me sometime.

An Ordinary American said...

Armed Geek,

First off, thanks for the compliment and I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

As far as "How do we combat this?" (Cain's perceived lack of experience due to having never held elected office), I stand by the quote from him in the masthead of the story:

"Everyone in Washington has held public office before. How's that working out for you?"

I think that speaks volumes.

In my opinion, Herman Cain is the ideal "citizen candidate" envisioned by our founding fathers.

He also epitomizes the American Dream.

I'll also guaran-damn-tee you that he has more in common with Joe the Plumber than Joe "Bite Me" Biden the Vice President.

I'm a Tea Party supporter, big time. I don't believe in forming a third party--instead, I believe in REforming the Republican party to the principles of what the Tea Party movement stands for.

We continue to do that, we'll have more "2010's" in our future. But if we let the Newt Gingrich/Karl Rove RINO old school GOP types continue to rule the party, it won't be just the Republican Party that will be doomed.

America will be doomed.


An Ordinary American said...


I agree with you on Hannity. He's turning into a huge disappointment with his constant ass-kissing of Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove and the rest of the RINOs.

However, on Monday, I heard Limbaugh give some rather LARGE kudos to Herman Cain, including some very damning sound bytes by Cain in regards to the Palistinians.

What's more, Bo Snerdley (long time call screener for Limbaugh) likes Cain alot, so look to hear more and more about Cain on the Limbaugh show.

Mark Levin really likes the guy and Laura Ingraham adores him.

I'm optimistic and I'm hopeful and I'm supporting him by word and by checkbook at this stage--something I did not do for ANY candidate in 2008.

It would be so nice to actually vote FOR someone this go-around rather than simply voting AGAINST the other guy. . .


Southern Belle said...

Thanks for that head's up, AOA. I only listen to the Limbaugh Show if I happen to be in the car. On the day that I heard him, he was all about the Newt. I was disappointed.

I hope that he backs Cain and the fact that Ingraham backs him doesn't surprise me.

Out of all the nationally syndicated talking heads, Ingraham is my favorite.

I agree with your last line though, I can't remember the last time I voted FOR someone.

North said...

I'm really starting to like what I hear about Cain.