Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beer and Sex.

The headline says it all. So does the graphic to the side.

As a retired advertising executive who toiled on the creative side, I have an appreciation for funny, clever television commercials.

And nowhere are commercials funnier than with beer commercials. Remember the old Miller Lite "Taste Great! Less Filling!" commercials with the retired football jocks and Bob Eucker, and sometimes Rodney Dangerfield? Classics.

Other countries have since gotten into the act, and what I'm posting below is a small collection of some funny and clever beer commercials. Some went viral and some were broadcast over the (traditional) airwaves. Even the Russian beer commercials are funny.

Bud Lite always cracks me up. And this one is as good as it gets. I've watched it at least two-dozen times, and I still laugh every, single time.

And a couple more from the Busch boys in St. Louis.

I dated a girl like this once, in college. Unfortunately, I also had a roommate like this at the time.

Who would've thought the Russians would have women like this?

Nobody does it like the Australians. Nobody. They're bloody brilliant.

And finally, a real beaut from the Kiwis. Makes me want to immediately book the first flight out to New Zealand. Beer doesn't look bad, either.

Beer and sex. Two great truths in life.

Kinda puts things back in perspective, doesn't it?