Monday, May 16, 2011

How to stop speeding--Denmark style

Here in the U.S., we spend gazillions of dollars on cops and radars and helicopters and speed traps--all in the name of speed enforcement. (Either that, or it's all for revenue.)

Leave it to the Danes to give us the absolute best, most effective--and low-cost--solution to reducing drivers exceeding the speed limit.

Works for me. What with all the girls we have running around looking to "bare themselves," why not pay them a little bit and give them a sign?

Then we could let our cops get some real work done chasing real criminals--like our politicians.

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Murphy's Law said...

The problem is that here in America, there would be lawsuits from obese women and gay guys who were not hired to hold the signs, and once you start using them, you create the opposite effect as people speed and cover their eyes to avoid the sights.