Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arizona--the 48th and 51st state?

I'm used to hearing talk of Texas secession, and often times, join in that talk. I am, after all, a native Texan who like many, are fed up with the present sad state of affairs.

But now it seems Arizona is trying to steal our thunder. Or, at least a small segment of Arizona--primarily southern Arizona. A growing group of ultra-liberals are working to form the 51st state, which they say will be called Baja, Arizona.

In the language of reality, that translates into "Broke, Arizona." In local lingo, that also translates into "California, Arizona."

Basically, we're talking about Pima County here which encompasses Tuscon and which is a literal liberal stranglehold in an otherwise conservative state. According to the story that was published on Yahoo, the liberals in Pima County are tired of the silly conservative things like enforcing the law as it pertains to illegal aliens, criminals, etc.

(I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I'd bet that if Broke, Arizona ever becomes a reality, only the criminals, police and military will be allowed to have guns.)

Instead, they propose an open border with Mexico and a state in which basically anything goes.

Question: Who is going to pay for that?

The illegals send their money back to Mexico, as do the drug cartels operating in Pima County. I don't know of too many legitimate or otherwise businesses who will voluntarily stay (or move into the county) knowing they are going to be taxed 80%, 90% or even more in order to fund Broke, Arizona's statehood.

Of course, if Broke, Arizona really wanted to make it, they could declare themselves a sovereign nation independent of the United States, then apply to us for foreign aid.

The comments at the end of the Yahoo story are most telling. As usual, everyday ordinary Americans are far better clued in to the realities of life in America than are the political windbags who continuously run us into the ground.

The biggest question in the comments was, "Who is going to pay for this liberal Utopian state of illegal immigrants and universal everything-care?" Anyone with any amount of money in the bank will haul ass out of Broke, Arizona before the ink is dry on the new constitution.

Two years ago, I wrote about how divided we've become in America and how United is dying.

As we see in the proposed Broke, Arizona, the basic problem is that liberals do not like following laws or the constitution. In this case, the laws about illegal immigrants have rubbed them to the point of wanting to break away and form their own state.

I have a better solution. Let's just export the liberals in Pima County (back) to Mexico.

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kx59 said...

So, let's let'em have it, fence them off and see how it goes.
I'm thinking razor wire and 220 volts for the fence.
hippies, yeesh..dumbasses