Friday, August 5, 2011

Why blacks get called the N-word.

Where I grew up, there were whites, blacks, Mexicans, Asians. . . a little bit of everything. It was, after all, in the shadow of a major Air Force base in the earliest years of the Vietnam War.

What we had in common wasn't skin color. It was that we were poor, working class people whose dads, uncles, brothers and cousins were headed off to some place called Southeast Asia to fight a war where none of us could find on a map.

One of the homes I used to eat at the most was at my "Aunt Jewel's" place. Jewel wasn't my aunt--not unless I had some black folks somewhere immediately in my family tree, which I was pretty sure I didn't.

Jewel was an older mom whose husband and oldest son were both serving in the Air Force. Husband was at the base; son was overseas in some strange place called U-Tapao, Thailand. I'd never heard of it.

Of course, what a world traveler I was at age six.

Everyone was welcome at Aunt Jewel's dinner table, just as everyone was welcome at my own momma's table. If you were a neighborhood kid and hungry, someone would feed you.

We never paid any attention to skin color. We paid attention to the food on the table.

One of the best lessons Aunt Jewel taught all of us was that "a black man and a nigger are two one-hundred percent different races of people." My granddad taught me the same thing about white trash and decent people. Every ethnicity has its own minority segment that perpetuate the stereotypes and prejudice that fuel the flames of racism.

I really doubt that I need to expand upon that.

Aunt Jewel has long since passed away, but I'm pretty certain if she was to watch this video, from a metro area in Pennsylvania, I know which race she'd call the punks who terrorized the bus.

Now, should any of the liberal black readership, or New Black Panthers or Louis Farrakhan supporters out there want to rush and call me a racist, I have the following responses for you, in order:

1. Screw you.

2. Is this a race crime since black people were the victims?

3. Watch the video again. This was premeditated and it was black-on-black crime.

This kind of crap goes on daily, and the national black leadership doesn't say or do jackcrap about it except to try and blame it on past transgressions that occurred four, five, six or more decades before these punks were even illegitimately conceived.

Translation? It's white society's fault.

Well screw you if you think that.

And by the way, where are all the chickenshit race-baiters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and of course, that fraud that poses as our first "black President?"


What a bunch of assholes.


Anonymous said...

I was with you until until the "And by the way.." rant. Why would the president need to respond to to this kind of crime? That part didn't make any sense.

An Ordinary American said...


Well, he responded to those "stupid cops" in Cambridge that arrested the black professor.

He wails on race. His administration said the New Black Panthers did nothing wrong in Philadelphia.

During the campaign, he complained to black men that they weren't good fathers when they ran off from their responsibilities.

You can't be the first "black president" and have it both ways.

If you're going to lay down the race card, then you better be prepared to have it pitched to you whenever race is involved--especially your own race.


Mudbug said...

I couldn't say it better if I tried.

I'm sure Holder and that guy living at the section 8 housing that is now 1600 Penn. Ave. are plotting to send you to a re-education camp because you aren't drinking the proper kool-aid.

I will miss you when they take you away.

I moved from Louisiana years ago because the blacks were grossly outnumbered by the N-words.

Anonymous said...

You know Obozo and Holder will say it is the fault of white slave owners this happened.

An Ordinary American said...


Funny how Holder called us (non-blacks) a bunch of cowards when it came to our views on race. . .

But for all the name-calling and bravado, he sure doesn't want to take a stand or piss off "his own people" as he refers to them.