Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dale Fout: "Don't F*** with me or you'll be eating cheeseburgers through a straw."

Yep, that's the message this week from Dale Fout. Last week, it was "You touched my neck. You ASSAULTED ME!" Oh, and he said it to a tiny 136-pound, 50-year-old woman.

There's more great quotes, courtesy of a very informing and insightful follow-up article written about he-man Dale Fout and his bad-ass antics with a 50-year-old woman in a theater (who, according to Fout, damn near crippled him with a vicious tap on the neck) written by Jeff Prince of the Fort Worth Weekly.

In case you missed it, here is the original tale of Dale Fout almost being made a paraplegic by this tiny woman who tapped him on the neck asking him to please quit texting in the middle of a movie at a theater in Grapevine, Texas.

Keep in mind that Dale Fout self-describes himself as being "220 pounds. I'm broad, not fat. I played football."

In Mr. Prince's follow-up interview and article, it seems that the picture of manhood took a little offense at some of the comments posted in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's comment section. Texas readers, of both sexes, tended to agree with me that Fout probably has the necessary plumbing that makes urinating much more convenient and less messy if he sits down or squats to do it.

Others called him names that aren't too flattering, but hard to argue with. One reader exercised the Texas Open Records Act and found Fout's criminal history from some twenty or more years back, and still others inferred that had he gotten out of line with them at the theater, he would have had a REAL assault complaint to make.

One would think that after reading all that, a real man would shake his head and say something to the journalist interviewing him like, "Damn, did I ever screw THAT one up. Not one of my best days or best calls. I've already called Ms. Godwin up and apologized and sent her a check for the cost of the movie tickets and I'm actually pretty embarrassed over the whole thing."

I could go with that. We've all had diarrhea of the mouth at times.

Apparently, though, Fout's mouth and brain live in a constant state of dysentery--because he's a TOUGH GUY. Was probably a military SEAL/Delta Force/PJ/Recon Marine/Airborne Ranger/GreenBeret/Air Force STS Commando

In fact, it wouldn't surprise me a damn bit if even Chuck Norris gives this guy a wide berth.

Check out Fout's quotes to Jeff Prince in the interview:
If anybody wants to come say some of that stuff to his face and threaten him, they’re welcome, “but when you’re sipping through a straw for a month because you’re jaw is broke, don’t blame me,” he said. “I take care of business.”

He doubts anybody will confront him face to face.

“If I was in front of them they’d probably pee and crap their drawers,” he said. “It goes to show you what a bunch of idiots there are in the world. They’re idiots because they don’t know the whole story. I’ll tell every one of them to their face they’re an idiot. The woman put her hand on me and pushed me.”

The 54-year-old Fout characterized himself as “outspoken” and “fiery” but said he would never strike a woman and doesn’t seek confrontation with people

Lots more good stuff in Prince's interview and article.

In my original blog post, I hinted that I was kind of horrified that this douchebag was from Texas. Again, thanks to some readers, I was redeemed: They say this big blowhard is actually from Canton, Ohio--same place another blowhard, this one a cop, made national news in a bad way.

Kind of like Fout is doing.

Maybe this nutjob "advertising/marketing consultant" ought to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. He and Officer Daniel Harless can share the same couch.


Lila said...

Well Canton makes for some sweethearts. Someone got so sick of him there they sent him to Texas. He was just lucky he wasn't immediately bashed over the head or pistol whipped by a dainty Texas rose or the real man she has with her at the theater. Someone talked to me like that it would take a lot for my sweet hubby to not punch him.

Old NFO said...

Well, THAT is good news... and he's STILL an idjit...

An Ordinary American said...

Have been giving some thought to posting this blowhard Fout's comments down at the Grapevine (TX) VFW Post.

One of my law enforcement buddies told me he'd talked to some of the GPD guys who got called to the theater. Said this guy is a nutbag deluxe.

Great. Just great. The asshat states that he likes "shooting," likes Rush Limbaugh and is a Tea Party supporter.

Just friggin' great. I'm an avid shooter, I've been listening to Rush since 1988, and we give a lot of money to the Tea Party.

Guess all I need to do now is head down to the local Girl Scouts clubhouse and get one of the Brownies to tap me on the neck and start flailing about crying "ASSAULT! ASSAULT!"

Then I can be a he-man, too.



RVN11B said...

An empty vessel makes the most noise.

I guess that about sums it up don't it?

Anonymous said...

As someone with genetic neck and back problems this guy pisses me off.
It is ass hats like him that make life hard for people like myself.
Fakers like him make doctors think faker until they see my xrays or MRI's

Anonymous said...

On top of being a complete tool, Dale Fout is also a liar and a manipulative sociopath. I unfortunately had to deal with him for several months and he undermined my company and pushed the clients to go with another company who just so happened to be a buddy of his that offered him a higher commission in kick-backs. He ended up costing tens of thousands of dollars and over $15,000 in lost monthly revenue. His whole business model is to talk business owners to death into going with whatever company offers him the highest "kick-backs". If you're a business owner in the Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area you better watch out for Dale Fout