Thursday, August 4, 2011

Virginia Tech--On lockdown again due to "suspected" gunman on campus.

When will Virginia Tech--or any other of our ridiculously liberal, pathetic, left-leaning institutions of higher propaganda ever learn?

Bad guys don't give a damn about laws, signs, traditions, etc.

So when something bad happens because of a bad person, good people are rendered ripe, fat and ready for the slaughter.

We've seen it too many times, including once already at Virginia Tech.

According to this report, Virginia Tech is in lockdown
, again, because somebody thought they saw a guy walking around who might have a gun.

The message? You stupid students are nothing but sheep and are here for us to indoctrinate--and if anything bad or unforeseen happens, you will have to rely upon the government to save your sorry butts. . . if the government can get here in time, or if they take this seriously.

What a bunch of crap.

This kind of liberal, panty-waist, limp-wristed thinking has been polluting our campuses since the 60's, and now that those long-haired communist hippies have grown up and are unable to make it in the real world, where do you suppose they've mostly ended up?

That's right. As professors, school teachers, administrators, journalists and of course. . . community organizers.

The good professors and good teachers and good administrators don't stand a damn chance except at private schools, where there is a line from here to the moon lined with application and resumes from well-qualified teachers and administrators applying for jobs.

Virginia Tech? You suck. Virginia lawmakers? You suck. People of Virginia? Hey, get off your asses and DEMAND of your lawmakers to either change this crap or get ready to go home unemployed.

Your call. They're your kids, after all.


Old NFO said...

Truer words have not been said in a long time... Gun free zones are target rich environment for the bad guys...

kx59 said...

I'd prefer to draw a gun than a finger and point.
Last report I heard today was they found nobody and nothing. While I was at the airport in Nashville, CNN was breathlessly reporting that a child had spotted a man with something under a "cloth" that looked like a gun. The info babes were almost hyperventilating.
Did anything come of this?