Saturday, August 27, 2011

Six Colorado Springs citizens who should be run out of the country.

The six of you in Colorado Springs damned well know who you are.

You sat on a jury and decided that criminals, and their families, have more rights than hard-working, law-abiding citizens.

But before you get thrown out of the country, somebody ought to kick your asses but good.

And I have just the three people who should be first in line to do that.

Their names are Jovan Milanovic or the other men, his father Ljuban Milanovic and brother-in-law Srdjan Milanovic. The men are refugees who came to the United States from the former Yugoslavia in 1998.

The Milanovic family fled Yugoslavia after the Bosnian war, but the father, Ljuban, a Christian Serb was captured and held POW for three years. Finally he gets out, grabs his family, comes to America looking for a better life.

And he gets this.

And you six disgraces to humanity decided that they needed to pay almost $300,000 to the scumbag family of the scumbag career drug-addict criminal that tried to burglarize their business.

In short, a meth-smoking piece of human sewage by the name of Robert Johnson Fox and some of his fellow sewage were burglarizing the Milanovic's business. They got caught and Robert Johnson Fox caught a bullet and assumed room temperature.

In Texas, we call that a happy ending.

But in Colorado, it's apparently called a tragedy because in Colorado, you apparently have no right to protect your property and if you defend it and some shitstain like Robert Johnson Fox dies in the process, his sperm donor family and love child are entitled to big money from you, the victim.

Oh, and by the way. No criminal charges were filed. This was strictly a (typical) bottom-feeding tort lawyer scam made possible by six pathetic excuses for American citizenship.

The story will piss you off to no end. Some of the comments by the Colorado granola transplants will piss you off even worse.

Of course, helping in this travesty of justice were the two piece of shit ambulance-chasing bottom dwellers we know in this country as "tort lawyers." And to Terry Rector and Jennifer Stock, the two disgraces who obviously don't give a rat's ass about the rights of law-abiding citizens and instead choose to prostitute the legal system, I hope bad things happen to you. I hope you get a taste of what being a victim is all about.

I hope you get accosted by some career thugs and I hope you shit your pants in fear, not knowing if you're going to live or not or whether you're going to be sexually assaulted. I hope you get the ever living crap beat out of you and as you're recovering in the hospital, I hope you wonder where the "good Samaritans" were that might've helped you.

I'll tell you where they were: Nowhere.

Scumbag, greedy, whoremongering lawyers like yourself have made it to the point that decent people are scared to come to anyone's defense for fear of pieces of shit like yourselves representing THEM in case we use a little too much force in saving your sorry fucking hides.

So, since lawyers and liberals are so damned gung-ho and stalwart about such things, I'm proposing a new law.

I'm proposing that if you're a tort lawyer--you know, one who profits by suing others for anything and everything, and/or if you're a sniveling, cowardly liberal like the six pathetic excuses of human genetic material that made up this jury, or you are of the same sniveling, pathetic, pussified mindset of some of the commenters on this story, you do the following:

You wear either an article of clothing or get a tattoo in your forehead that says "I won't fight back" or something like that. In other words, identify yourself so that the rest of us can simply pass you by when you're getting robbed or beaten or raped or burglarized by the very constituency you choose to represent and revere over that of decent, law-abiding society.

Or better yet, maybe we can just shoot both of you--robber and robbee and kill two birds with one stone, if you'll pardon the cliche.

After all, neither one of you are fit to live in this nation after all you do to tear it down.

Typical contingency fees range from sixty/forty to fifty-fifty. Translated, that means these two bastions of justice profited over $100,000 off the backs of three hard-working immigrants.

I'm sure, in your warped greedy little minds, that you think that justice was served when you managed to bullshit the six infantile minds on that jury to rule in favor of a criminal's family at the expense of the victim.

I hope you cocksuckers rot in hell, and the sooner the better.

That would be justice.


Kim said...

That's just lovely. That is a huge part of why there is more crime. Even those who want to fight back are afraid of being sued.

Old NFO said...

I don't even know what to say... This is just beyond the pale on so many counts... But I DO agree with you!

Anonymous said...

Can the blogger get in touch with me. I knew Jovan Milanovic when he was 19 and I knew pm the whole family. I read the statements the Milanovic's
gave to the police on some site and I knew they were lying.. I have A LOT! To tell this blogger about that family. I'm sure he'd be interested in hearing. I wished I had known about this I'd have testified for the Fox family. I don't think I can say anymore I don't want to get into legal trouble. Anyways I'd like to get in touch with The blogger.
How do I do that? Thanks Lady X

Anonymous said...

Jovan Milanovic held a gun to my side back in 1999.
Had the state done their jobs properly they'd have found our Jovans record of violence since coming to the United States. Apparently you don't know this family very well. That poor father of his was probably the ring leader a Jovan only does as his father says. These 3 men sat in the dark with guns waiting for someone to come burglarize their place of business. They shot a man who was unarmed. This is how that family works. They did not have to murder this man. If the state had looked into Jovans past since being in the USA they'd have found out he was charged with assault on a woman and pled guilty. So you don't know these peoples they lie, they are violent and just as bad as the fox guy who tried to burglarize them. I wish I knew the Foxes I'd have testified on their behalf on Jovan's violent past here in the USA? The fox family did not need to loose their son.