Thursday, August 18, 2011

8 things you need to know about Texas Governor Rick Perry

As a Texan, I'm getting asked a lot about our governor, now presidential candidate, Rick Perry.

Here at home, he has his detractors. But this is also Texas where we pretty much despise all politicians.

"Despise" isn't a severe enough word to describe how we feel about Obama, however.

The (thankfully deceased) communist-columnist Molly Ivins is the one who tagged the label "Governor Goodhair" on Perry and she was also responsible for painting a smear against the man that many so-called conservatives still believe to this day.

It's been said here in Texas that the pygmies in South America used to dip their spears in little jars of Molly Ivins' spit before they went hunting.

Texas Monthly, our unabashedly liberal unofficial state rag, did a recent piece that is well worth your reading titled Dear Yankee: Eight things you ought to know before you start writing stories about Rick Perry. You're welcome.

I pretty much refuse to even line a bird cage with the pages of Texas Monthly, but I found this article very interesting, straightforward and truthful.

The article omitted the fact that Perry also served active duty in the United States Air Force as an officer and pilot. Not Air National Guard, but active duty. He flew thousands of hours in C-130s around the world and left active duty as a Captain.

Of all the candidates trying for the White House, only Perry and Ron Paul, two Texans, have military experience. Look for the mainstream media to conveniently ignore that.

However, 20 million of us veterans won't.

Again, here in Texas we don't really like politicians so don't be surprised when you hear Texans bitch about Perry. We bitched about Bush, we frothed at the mouth about Ma Richards, who incidentally vetoed concealed carry every single time it came across her desk. Bush signed it right out of the box.

Perry is not only strong on the Second Amendment, he practices it because he carries. Hell, everyone's heard the story about him shooting the coyote that threatened him and his dog out on a morning jog. Perry and his wife hunt--real hunting, not staged photo-ops the way bozos Kerry, Gore and Clinton tried to portray themselves.

I urge you to take five minutes and click on the link and read the article. There are some myths about the man, as well as how our state operates politically, that you'll find not only interesting, but enlightening.

Our goal is to send that Kenyan bastard and all his socialist appointees packing.

To do that, we have to put someone up who is not only electable, but who has a track record.

Romney presided over Massachusetts, an abysmal shithole of one failed liberal experiment after another. That's a crying shame for a once proud state that was a rock in the foundation of a fledgling nation over two centuries ago.

When it comes down to the nut-cutting, I'll take Rick Perry over Mitt Romney any day of any week of any month of any year.

Check out the article.


Anonymous said...

Well Tex, up here in the Peanut Gallery of Alberta - the fella looks just fine to me.

I like that he is a military man and comes from poor roots. He knows the value of a buck, he knows the answer to poverty is hard work and grit, not hope and change, and the impression I get is that he understands people, those against him and those with him.

I liked this feller the first time I saw him - he was at a meeting with some mexican ass hole who complaining about the country - and Perry went off on him for being in the US for the last 20 years and not even bothering to learn english.

As you have said any politician, even Texan ones - are 10 lbs. of chit in a 5 lb. bag. So far Perry is the best of the bunch from where I sit. Even if he does nothing he will still be a better POTUS than that affirmative action moron that is in there now.

Kim said...

Very good article. I always like when it is never a "He is our savior" or "He is going to kill us all" article when it comes to journalism or articles. Opinion can be great, it is why I blog but ANY article meant to share information should not have a slant either way.

One thing I love about Texas and miss so much is that in a lot of ways Texans are a big family. We can pick on each other all we like but an outsider better watch their step. I still haven't convinced my husband he would like it there but he wants to hunt and my uncle has a nice spread that would let him do that. Visiting is not out of the question, lol.

Old NFO said...

Yep, NOBODY is saying anything about his military service... sigh...

kx59 said...

"But this is also Texas where we pretty much despise all politicians."
Amen brother.
I'd take Perry over Romney in a heartbeat. You wouldn't know by the rant I posted yesterday though.

Anonymous said...

If the press says too much about Gov.Perry's military service it will make The Cur from Kenya look weaker.Something they want to avoid.I personally admire Rick Perry

Murphy's Law said...

Thanks for the info. I admit that even I was being swayed by some of the negative stuff about him, particularly accusations that he's soft on illegals. Got a counter to that?

An Ordinary American said...


In border states, if one wishes to stay alive politically (ie, get re-elected), one has to deal with less than favorable circumstances when it comes to the stinking illegals.

We'll see how Jan Brewer comes out in Arizona--I'm hoping she gets re-elected in a landslide, but you know every special interest group in the country will line up against her, even though it's a state race.

I do not like everything about Perry, and his signing the bill giving illegals in-state tuition rates pissed me off royally. Of course, that was set up by Bush who never met an illegal he didn't like.

Nope, there are things about Perry I do not care for, but he is smart enough to get the hell out of the way and let legislature do their job, businesses do their job, etc.

I'm still a Palin man, but believe she is damaged goods in terms of running for office in 2012.


Sean Caranna said...

Another Flying, Gun Nut, Texan with a Blog... Added you to the blogroll.

An Ordinary American said...


And I did likewise.

It's impossible to have too many aviating, gun-toting folks giving opinions via blogs.

Nice place you have.