Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gas prices up. S&P rating down. Unemployment up. Stock market down.

Congratulations, Obama, you've done it.

You have done what no other president in the history of this once great nation has managed to do--destroy us. Relegate us to a banana republic. Drown us in debt that there IS no getting out of. Divided us not just by race, but by economics, religion and geography.

You've screwed America over. Big time.

You socialist bastard.

And to think that so many people howled when Rush Limbaugh opined that he hoped you would fail in your administration and what you planned to do.

He was right. The liberals were--and are--wrong.

Of course, you couldn't have done it without that dipstick Harry Reid and his little penis-sucking minions, especially in the press.

You couldn't have done it without Nancy Pelosi and her spineless loyalists.

In 2010, we flushed the House of Representatives. We didn't go far enough. Boehner is still there. He needs to go in 2012. Period.

In 2012, we'll continue flushing the House, but we'll also give an enema to a third of the Senate.

And of course, you Mr. Obama. You're history.

You can't blame Bush for this. You did it, and you did it with the full knowledge that this was going to happen.

Bush didn't hold 37 fundraisers in his first three years of office. Bush didn't play over 70 rounds of golf in his entire two terms. Bush didn't hold one after another outlandishly, incredibly expensive parties at the White House. Bush didn't order up Air Force One for a quick date with Laura up to NYC.

You did, you arrogant hypocritical son of a bitch. And you act as though we, the American people, owed it to you.

The result in just three years of your mismanagement?

You did what your idols, Jeremiah "God damn America" Wright, Jimmy Carter and Bill Ayers could not do.

You've done irreparable damage to America and her citizens.

Hope you're proud.

You arrogant prick.

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tha malcontent said...

And Obambi continues to have a good time.