Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to never grow old. Guaranteed.

Age is just a state of mind. . . for the most part.

Sometimes your body betrays you when you first get up out of bed and your joints sound like a bad box of Rice Crispies--you know, *snap* *crackle* and *pop* for a few minutes.

But our minds. . . ah, our minds. THOSE we can always keep young and youthful.

If anyone had ever told me twenty years ago that I would have thought a Michael Jackson song would ever be appropriate for anything other than at the skeet range, I would've laughed.

But now that I'm older, oh well.

Here are three people who have simply refused to age. And no, Brett Favre is not in this one.

I don't see myself ever dancing to anything Michael Jackson, but who knows what we'll be doing in a few years, eh?

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Chateau Robert said...

And silly me thought all I had to do was to take Fish Oil.