Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Obama--the biggest, most gutless pukebag in American history.

(Warning: Strong language. Very strong, very un-Christian-like language.)

I'm pissed. As in seriously, horrendously pissed.

We just lost two-dozen of our absolute finest, bravest fighting men to a questionable attack and the nation is grieving.

And what does this arrogant, stupid sonofabitch do?

Goes to a fucking fundraiser.

Not for the downed SEALs and AFSTS guys and Nightstalkers that were on that Chinook.

For the goddamn fucking Democratic national party. The same bunch of socialist douchebages that got us in this pile of stinking quicksand in the first place!

We're in debt up to our eyebrows. We're experiencing double-digit unemployment figures in most of the country. Our stock market told us we suck today. Almost a fourth of this nation is dependent--DEPENDENT--upon the government for food stamps, rent and medical.

And yet this dickhead doesn't give a flying fuck about any of that. All he wants is to do another goddamn four years of this!

I swear to God, the next fucking Obama bumper sticker I see on somebody's car, I'm gonna rip that entire bumper off and shove it straight up their ass.

Mr. President--you just lost two-dozen of your best warriors and you don't say or do jackshit about it except to run off to another fundraiser?

You're not fit to be commander-in-chief.

You're a fucking disgrace to humanity.


Murphy's Law said...


And people like Obama have always resented the military and been jealous of or intimidated by the kind of men that it takes to run spec ops in general. Remember that his administration is still trying to prosecute other spec ops guys for being mean to al Qeada prisoners even though it led us to bin Laden. He hates them and probably smiled when he heard about the crash.

But if there's any mind of memorial service with cameras, count on him to show up and try to use the moment to blame Bush or the Tea party.

Old NFO said...

But he flew up TODAY to 'privately' meet the airplane bringing the bodies back... Call me cynical, but THAT was a political move, using the bodies of our troops as a vote getting technique.

An Ordinary American said...

Murphy, Old NFO,

There is NOTHING this imposter does that is for America. It is for himself first and foremost--and his agenda, which is to wreck America beyond repair.

I'm not sure what to make of one of the "conspiracy" theories making its rounds regarding the downing of this Chinook, but I do know from my own military experience in moving these SO guys around is that they NEVER, EVER put so many of them together on ANYTHING.

Not on the same plane, same helo, same boat, same sub. . . nothing. Throw in that you had some guys I'M familiar with--the Air Force STS guys, plus the guys from the 160th out of Ft. Campbell, plus a dog-handler team. . .

This whole thing stinks and it stinks to high heaven and something ain't right.

The fact that the Kenyan imposter has ignored it, ignored the S&P downgrade and continued campaigning as though nothing significant has happened, and I keep coming back to the same name out of the human cesspool.

George Soros.

I wrote a few months ago about pondering "why Soros was still breathing oxygen."

I wonder that now more than ever.

One can only hope that our spooks disregard orders and do some investigating on their own, with help from some of our true allies and their services (MI6, Mossad) and pass this info on to the snake eaters.

I have this feeling that if Soros were to suddenly assume outhouse-basement temperature, Obama would be rendered more impotent than Pee-Wee Herman in a heterosexual porn flick.


In My Defense said...

Your post is right-on.
And I see that Michelle ma belle sneaks out of town again. She can’t seem to sit her Fat Ass in the White House. Whenever the heat get to be to much for her, she just just takes the big jet off to vacation somewhere in the world how convenient. There should be a law on how much jet fuel she can use in one year. She should take her ass and her skinny assed Marxist hubby with her and her friends of this country and stay there.
I’m thoroughly Pissed off to no end.

Lila said...

It has never been about making this country better or doing right by anyone and as the days go on that becomes more apparent to the world. His behavior over the past couple of weeks has been beyond disgraceful.