Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My last flight before I sold my airplane

(For the record, as I've added this since the original posting, this is NOT ME flying this airplane. Have no idea who it is. I got the video in an e-mail entitled "My last flight before I sold my airplane." Sorry for any confusion. You can see my posted comment down below regarding my attitude and philosophy when it comes to aviation. In short, I don't take chances. Period. No old and bold pilots in my family.)

No copy needed. The video explains it quite well.


cranky_yankee said...

Now that's what I call a "bush" pilot.

kx59 said...

holy crap!

Southern Belle said...

oh my god!

Anonymous said...

What in blazes happened there, Tex? I know crop dusters that fly better than that! Canadian crop dusters...!Did the stains on the seat ever come out?

I have a real problem with vids like that. For every guy that flukes one of those off - there are 5 guys like me that end up in the rhubarb hanging upside down from the seat belt and wondering if all their appendages still work...

You be darned careful big fella, that is a good way to end up dead fast.

An Ordinary American said...

Better clarify things. . .

That is NOT ME in that plane. Don't even know who it is.

The video was sent to me via e-mail and the title was "My last flight before I sold the airplane."

I watched it a half-dozen times trying to see if there was a camera angle or something that over-dramatized it all, but nope, what you see is what you get.

At the very end, you can see where his wings actually brush through the bushes at the end of the runway.

I'm in that ageless category of "There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old AND bold pilots."

The older I get, I either get smarter or more chicken. I've never been one to take chances in either an airplane or the boat.

Reckon I better edit the post to make sure folks know it's NOT me in that plane, eh?


Anonymous said...


It's a sore point with me right now AOA. I blab on some of the pilot and UL forums and I can't believe the number of accidents happening right now. And it isn't just pikers like me, some of them are the real deal ex-military pilots with thousands of hours. Have you noticed it down there at all? Or am I just being more paranoid than usual and imagining it?

Not to jinx ya or anything - but humour me and be extra careful for the next little while, will ya?

An Ordinary American said...


I hear you. Yeah, accidents happen down here, most often as a result of cranial rectitus (head-up-the-ass syndrome), although we're not seeing too many ex-military drivers involved.

Like I said up above--I got this very thin little yellow streak that started running down my back a few weeks before my checkride. However, every year since, it has gotten a little wider to the point that these days, it pretty much covers my entire back.

I fly for fun. Why ruin that by taking stupid, unnecessary chances, eh?