Friday, June 10, 2011

A Secret Service perspective on our past presidents

This is kind of interesting, especially to a former fed like myself who occasionally worked with the USSS guys and gals.

Real serious folks, real good at what they do, and damned good shots with just about anything that fires a projectile.

And trust me: If you're ever late to an appointment or need to rush home because you forgot your spouse's anniversary or birthday, you want a U.S. Secret Service agent behind the wheel.

I've known some that could scare the late, great Intimidator himself, Dale Earnhardt.

So when I get this in an e-mail, I knew I had to share it.

JFK and LBJ = Philanderers of the highest order.both kept a lot of women in White House for affairs. Both set up "early warning" systems for if and when their wives were nearby. Total immoral men. In addition, LBJ was as crude as the day is long.

Nixon = Weird, moral man but very odd and weird. Paranoid etc. Horrible relationship with his family, almost a recluse.

Agnew = nice, decent man, everyone was surprised at his downfall.

Ford = A true gentlemen who treated them with respect and dignity

Jimmy Carter = A complete phony who would portray one picture of himself to public and very different in private. I.E. Would be shown carrying his own luggage, suit cases were always empty, he kept empty ones just for photo ops. Wanted the people to see him as pious and a non drinker, he and family drank alcohol a lot.

Had disdain for the Secret Service, and was very irresponsible with the "football" nuclear codes. Didn't think it was a big deal and would keep military aides at a great distance. Would never acknowledge military or Secret Service--they were there to serve him.

Ronald Reagan = The real deal. Moral, Honest, respectful and dignified. Treated Secret Service and everyone else with respect and honor. Would always thank everyone all the time. He took the time to know everyone on a personal level.

One story was early on in Presidency the President came out of his room with a side arm attached to his hip. The Agent in charge said "Why the pistol Mr. President." Ronald Reagan replied, "In case you boys can't get the job done, I can help."

It was common for him to carry a pistol. People do not know that when he met with Gorbachev, he had a pistol in his briefcase.

Upon learning that Gary Hart was caught with Donna Rice during the election Ronald Reagan said, "Boys will be boys, but boys will not be President"

Nancy Reagan = Very nice but very protective of the President..the Secret Service was always caught in the middle.

Nancy would try to control what the President ate all the time (healthy) and he would say to the Agents "come on you gotta help me out." The Reagans rarely drank alcohol. Secret Service said they could count on one hand the times the Reagans were served alcohol other than wine during dinner. They made the comment for all the fake bluster of the Carters it was the Reagans who lived life as genuinely moral people.

George and Barbara Bush = Extremely kind and considerate. Always respectful. Took great care in making sure the agents comforts were taken care of. They would bring them meals etc.

One time Barbara Bush brought warm Clothes to agents standing outside at Kennebunkport. One agent who was given a warm hat tried to nicely say no thanks when he was obviously freezing and President Bush said "Son, don't argue with the first lady, put the hat on."

Bill Clinton = Presidency was one giant party. Not trustworthy, he was nice because he wanted everyone to like him but life is just one big game and party to him.

Hillary Clinton = Another phony. Personality would change the instant cameras were near. She hated with open disdain the military and Secret Service. Again another one who felt people are there to serve her. She was always trying to keep tabs on Bill Clinton..

Al Gore = An egotistical ass who was once overheard by his Secret Service detail when he told his son he needed to do better in school or he "would end up like these guys" and pointed to the agents.

George W Bush = They loved him and Laura Bush. They said no one is a nicer person than Laura Bush who never has a harsh word to say about anyone. The Bush's went out of their way to take care of the Secret Service and made sure they were well cared for with meals and other comforts.

GW was the most prompt of the Presidents. He ran like a well oiled machine. He was also the most in shape who had a very strict work out regimen. The Bush's made sure their entire administration understood to respect and be considerate of the Secret Service. Karl Rove was the one who was the most caring of the Secret Service in the administration.

Barack Hussien Obama = Clintons all over again - hates the country and the military and looks down on the Secret Service.


Southern Belle said...

That was interesting, thought it begs the question:

Why in the world would Hillary Clinton feel the need to keep tabs on her husband?



Harry Hurt said...

Very interesting article. Could we hear some more about earlier Presidents? Truman, Ike, FDR?

Anonymous said...

Working for the Treasury like I do, and having trained and served with the USSS and been friends with one inparticular who is now retired, Lamont Rogers, I am surprised at the candor being used in that a primary rule of being a USSS agent one was not to divulge anything about the first family, especially if it is derogatory.

Mudbug said...

I'm not surprised that the more conservative people were the most respectful. After all, that comes with good upbringing and firm parents.

That pic with Mrs. Bush coming off the plane verses the baby momma hopping off the taxpayer's plane says volumes about the disrespect the current renters of the most expensive Section 8 Housing on the planet. The office of the President used to mean something. But then, I was raised better.

Murphy's Law said...

I worked around the White House in during the Bush years and early Obama days. Bush was always prompt. If he said that he was leaving at 9:42, that motorcade rolled at 9:42. And on a couple of cold, miserable nights I can recall, Bush sent the White House food service truck out to bring hot beverages to the police on details outside. He had concern for the people working on his behalf.

Obama? Hell. Never on time...unless he's an hour early. Everyone is either always waiting on him and Michelle (who makes her own demands of everyone like they work for her) or else everyone is scrambling to get into position because he just decided on a whim to return early or step out onto the porch for a smoke. (Yeah...he quit...Riiiight.) And she's just as bad--walking out onto the South Lawn just for the hell of it, and when everyone responds to cordon off the area, she turns and goes back in. All that hustling around for these people because they just can't abide by the policies that Secret Service asks them to. And don't even get me started on the lawn parties that the Obamas throw, when they want the south fence and the Ellipse closed to all tourist traffic so that the guests don't have to look out and see people looking back in and blocking their view of the Washington Monument. Very, very selfish and elitist people, those Obamas. Bring back Bush.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much what I thought, thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

What a load of slanted crap. Source, and sources, not cited. Obvious tilt on behalf of the fabricator for conservative leaders.

Cute the way it's eaten up with an undiscerning spoon.

Secret Service doesn't talk about the individuals they protect. Period.

An Ordinary American said...

Anonymous said...

What a load of slanted crap.

Secret Service doesn't talk about the individuals they protect. Period.

You don't know jackshit about federal law enforcement. Period.

There are a number of us here who carried badges with eagles on them--and we walked that line with our brethren in the USSS.

Go back to your Huffington Post and the "slant" you prefer.


BryanP said...

I've seen this one floating around for a while now. The earliest versions of it claimed to be sneak peeks of the contents of Ronald Kessler's 2009 book "In The President's Secret Service."

Kessler immediately disowned the email, pointing out that about 1/3 of the items are either wrong or not in the book at all. Unlike this email, Kessler's book serves the dirt on President's, family and staff of both parties. From what I could tell, being decent towards the USSS detail or being **** is spread out pretty evenly, and doesn't have anything to do with party affiliation.

Once Kessler came out with his statements, the email continued to be forwarded around with the original claims of sources being removed.