Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Trunk Monkey

Ah, but if only Detroit and the automakers could actually come up with something like this.

Many years ago, I hired a young copywriter straight out of University of North Texas. I'll call him Matt since that is half of his real name. He's gone on to become a very senior managing director at a very large national advertising agency, which makes me proud like a dad.

Matt had--and has--incredible talent, but he was always enamored with the idea of using a monkey as part of an advertising campaign. I told him if he could ever find the right campaign at the right time for the right client, then I might consider letting him and his art director partner comp the idea up and then I might think about letting him present it to the client.

With clients like Pizza Hut, Pepsi, American Airlines, M&Ms and other blue-chippers, that was a helluva lot of "ifs" and "mights" in there. Matt found one opportunity, albeit so slim as to be anorexic, to possibly use a monkey in a print ad for Pizza Hut.

And unbelievably, he got it pushed through. I think the client agreed hoping it would quench his thirst for placing simians in ads. And of course, all it did was really ignite Matt.

I don't know if the Trunk Monkey was his creation. I'd like to think it is as the writing, casting, style and scripts mimic his style perfectly.

If Matt didn't write or concept these, then I'm pretty certain he has a new hero in the business.

These are funny as can be and had me laughing out loud more than once.



Oakenheart said...

That agency is behind those ads. They are awesome. Great job, I say :-)

shawn w said...

the trunk monkey chaperone. lmao