Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Message from America to black leaders: Get your shit together.

This past Memorial Day weekend, one part of America did what they normally do and remembered the fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave their lives to keep this nation free.

Another part of America also did what they normally do--they rioted, looted, raped, robbed, killed, brawled with police and each other, vandalized everything they could get their hands on, accosted innocent and unsuspecting tourists and motorists, and generally provided an abundance of volatile fuel for why so many racist attitudes continue to not only survive in this country, but thrive.

Strangely, Al Sharpton and Jess Jackson and Louis Farrakhan and the rest of the black rebel rousing trash are silent. Not a peep out of Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright, or even the Kenyan imposter himself.

Maybe he was claiming his Irish roots this weekend.

In Miami, there was Urban Black Weekend. It ended in disaster. Make sure and read the comments AFTER the story for the "rest of the story."

In Boston, it was at Carson Beach. No less than five different units of law enforcement, including SWAT and K9 units had to be called in. And even then, there was this quote in the story:

Police said the gang members are part of a group of more than 1,000 youths who have used social media sites like Facebook to plan unruly gatherings on the beach on three of the past four nights. The beach falls under the jurisdiction of the State Police, who have been unable to prevent the violence.

Another reason I refuse to ever live in the northeast. But wait a minute. Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. And since only the police have guns (besides the criminals and gangs) and the police admit they can't control the violence. . . How's that working out for you?

Moving right down the coast to South Carolina and Myrtle Beach for the annual Black Bikers Week, the NAACP crowed that it would be "monitoring" Myrtle Beach officials (read: Police) and businesses to make sure nothing unusual or illegal went on.

NAACP Will Monitor Myrtle Beach Black Biker Week

Too damned bad the asswipes at NAACP didn't monitor the illegal activities and violence that went on with some of the black bikers. Rapes, robberies, looting, stabbings, drugs.

The usual. Not even Sturgis in South Dakota has that kind of trouble. Of course, at Sturgies everyone is welcome, not just black bikers or white bikers. Assholes looking for trouble WILL find it at Sturgis, but not too many people I know go looking for trouble in the middle of the world's biggest gathering of two-wheelers.

In Rock Hill, South Carolina a group of black men surrounded a 20-year-old man and pointed a gun at him--all because his girlfriend was wearing a Confederate flag bikini.

Now, let's take a jaunt up to the Kenyan imposter's (alleged) home town of Chicago, where his former Chief of Fraud is now Chief of Corruption, er, that would be "Mayor." Seems the gangs got a little out of hand at the North Avenue Beach, prompting the police to close the beach and run everyone off.

The mayor said he supported this because it was "hot and people were getting sick from heat illness."

What the hell is "heat illness?" Is that when gangs run around robbing and assaulting people and ambulances have to be called, but it needs to be whitewashed over so you call it "heat illness?"

Again, read the comments and reports at the end of the story from people who were there and witnessed what happened.

Up the road a few miles in Charlotte, home to the Democrat National Convention, gangsters shot people and rioted all because police closed down a street after a festival was over.

Not done yet. Still lots of America to cover. So let's head to Rochester, New York where during Rib Fest, yet another riot breaks out and police have to come in to shut things down. One cop gets attacked, and lots of misunderstood, historically-disadvantaged utes go to jail.

Over ribs? My God.

In Nashville, a water park gets shut down early by police because of unruly urban youths--and adults. There is video of youths--and adults--jumping over the fence, throwing strollers and baskets over the fences and losing themselves inside the park.

I didn't see any mention of the NAACP monitoring the unruly youths' behavior in this story. For that matter, I didn't see where the NAACP monitored the unruly adults' behavior either. Either way, I'm sure the fair and unbiased civil rights association will label the Nashville Metro Police and the water park as a bunch of racists and demand protests, marches. . . and of course, reparation.

We're not talking about isolated groups of people here. Not just one or two people acting like insane criminal idiots. We're talking about large, sometimes huge groups of people raising hell, tearing things up, vandalizing, shooting, robbing, raping and killing people.

In fairness, I googled the living hell out of the news services and looked for unruly roving gangs of white or Asian or Indian youths and young adults that caused businesses to shut down, people to flee, and cops to work overtime.

Didn't find one damned story of such.

Now, a message to Black leaders: Get your shit together. Now.

This is not, repeat NOT white people's fault. This is YOUR fault. You, as a group, have excused the "fuck like a rabbit and reproduce like a fish" mentality for far too many generations. The result is that you now have not only youngsters, but also teenagers and ADULTS who have no clue who their fathers are. Those same people have had no positive male influences or role models. No nothing.

Along the way, you've excused their behavior by perverting their views of suffering by blaming it on the white man and evil white corporations that "won't hire young black men." Bullshit. Show me an education and the ability to communicate clearly and I'll show you not only an employed black man, but a well-compensated black man.

Your next excuse of "a black man can't afford college" is more bullshit. Between affirmative action programs, the United Negro College Fund and mountains of money set aside specifically for low-income minorities, there is zero excuses. If all of that (somehow) fails, then there are always student loans and if a young black man doesn't want to do that, then go join the military and earn yourself a GI Bill.

Notice, Black leaders, that I said "earn." Your problem is that you have created a sense of entitlement now for consecutive generations of young black men. You have put it in their heads that somehow, for some reason society and America "owes" them something.

We don't owe you, them, me or any other citizen in this country a damn thing. This is America. You want it, you earn it. Condi Rice did it. Herman Cain did it. Clarence Thomas did it. JC Watts did it. Emmitt Smith did it. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and countless others did it.

Instead, we have you, the very folks who are supposed to be providing guidance and inspiration to these young people sewing the seeds of hate and resentment and entitlement in their heads. You bring up slavery and their African heritage--even though most inner-city kids couldn't find Africa with a map and a GPS.

These kids do not need lessons on how to be a lifelong professional victim. They need direction, mentoring and stability.

Instead, all these inner-city young people get from asshats like Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan is hate, vitriolic and broken promises--a euphemism for "we're lying through our teeth to you."

You've supported the creation of a community and class of Americans that America cannot support.

I do not believe ANY kid is born bad. Period. But too many are born into bad situations. You so-called "leaders" look for every excuse you can find to blame ANYONE else for the misery of your own communities.

You sneer at "white flight," but let me tell you something: Where I live, we have just as much "black flight" from black families who HAVE taken a stand and REFUSE to let their kids grow up in the ways of these inner-city jungles. They do whatever it takes to pack up and move.

And guess what else? They see Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan for the race-baiting frauds they are.

The response from NAACP types is that my friends are "Uncle Toms."

Those such responses tell the entire nation that present black leadership has no desire whatsoever to improve their communities.

If they did, where would Jackson and Sharpton's money come from?

You're busted.


An Ordinary American said...

The problem with cities like Detroit and DC and Oakland, along with some of the countries you mentioned, is that the (so-called) leadership places a higher value on their "blackness" than they do the success and well-being of the entire community/nation.

I don't care what color you are--when you put yourself ahead of your community or state or nation, it is going to fail.

Those of us who served in the military remember the lessons of "unit first." Those officers and (rare) NCOs who put themselves first didn't last long.

Same thing goes here at home. Jesse Jackson, Sharpton and the rest of the frauds put themselves (and their pocketbooks) first, and thus, exploit the very people they're supposed to be representing, leading and helping.

But it's also easier for anyone--regardless of color--to lean back and cry "VICTIM!" than get off your butt and do something to improve your lot in life.

The trash we have in this country knows no color boundaries. Only, we don't have too many "white Al Sharptons" out there, and I've seen exactly zero Asian "Jesse Jacksons."

Says something, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

AOA, there is so much crap going on here that truly defies politically correct explanation.

The stereotype black family of the 50's and early 60's were hardworking, conscientious and hellbent on 'respectability'. Many were devout Christians that took quiet pride in their families and communities.

The stereotypical black family today has a single parent, more often than not - a skittle gobbling retard like the one you described in one of your fine previous rants.

How could they go from that to this? I disagree with your assertation that it is 'easier to be a victim'. To me that means being short of money, options and the finer things in life. The harder you work, the easier life gets - the orientals understand this almost to a man. Most white people do too.

Yes, I know human garbage comes in all colors but the blacks are producing inordinately large amounts of it.

In the military you said that bad leaders didn't last - and I agree. Jackson and Sharpton and Wright have been shovelling shit at 100 miles an hour forever! Farakahn's been doing it for over a decade. The blacks close ranks around them when they are called on it. Guys like Bill Cosby - who admit the obvious black problems - are largely ignored.

I'm sorry, but I see a definite racial component to this - and not a good one. If we must insist on blaming Whitey for black failure the only thing they can really throw in our face is liberal enablement. For me the race card doesn't play anymore.