Tuesday, June 14, 2011

JUSTICE! Registered Sex Offender rolls over, dies while raping an elderly woman.

Take a look at this piece of human garbage.

This is a prime example of Mexico's most famous exported sewage these days.

Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez is was a convicted sex offender who slimed his way through the system, somehow gained freedom and then did what so many other registered perverts do.

He raped/assaulted again.

This time Fate or Karma or the ghosts of the Alamo saw fit to intervene. According to the news wire story, Man dies while raping elderly South Texas woman, this puke-bucket told the victim he wasn't "feeling good," rolled over, and died.

That's justice.

Too bad the nutless numbnuts in DC can't see the illegal scourge for what it truly is.

If we're lucky, perhaps Fate or Karma or the ghosts of the Alamo will start enacting their own revenge.

A good start would be to make Anthony Weiner's tallywhacker fall off.

I'll take justice however and whenever it appears these days.

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Kim said...

I am a firm believer in Karma. This is a great example. I have no tolerance for rapists. Bet the victim feels a bit vindicated.