Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two must haves: '55 Chevy with 3000hp P51 engine, uber-automatic .22LR

Hot damn!

Talk about "gotta have it" toys.

I like airplanes, I like cars, I like guns. Two out of three can be found on this absolute freakin' BEAST of a car. . .

Suggestion. Get you something cool and "refreshing" to drink before firing up this short video. Why? Because when he lights off that 3000 horsepower Merlin Rolls-Royce engine under the hood of that customized 1955 Chevy, you need to take a long sip and lean back and go, "Ahhhhhh!"

That is 1650 supercharged cubic inches of pure, untamed power rumbling. The torque (or P-factor as us flyboys refer to it) actually tries to flip the car over almost as much as it works to move it forward!

The sound of that engine firing up alone will instantly erase anything bad that may have happened to you in the past twenty-four (or more) hours.

And after this video, there is pure unadulterated cordite pleasure in the AM15 fully-automatic .22LR that fires like a gazillion rounds, non-stop for seemingly forever.

If only there was some way to put this gun on that '55 Chevy. . .

Boys and our toys. . .  (thankfully, my lovely wife understands that we never grow up.)


Tango Juliet said...

That car is insane.

Bill O' Rites said...

Way back in the mists of time, a mad Brit built a car around a Merlin engine:

kx59 said...

Too cool! I wonder how many gallons to the mile he gets?

Everett said...

Being a mech. I am wondering how many rpm's he has to carry to keep it from loading up! Had an Aston Martin in Naples one time and had to change the plugs two times a day, when I got too the base and when I got home! I cannot imagine driving that buggy!