Monday, June 6, 2011

Will Texas become a No-Fly zone?

In Texas, the House unanimously passed HB1937, which makes it a Class A misdemeanor for a TSA agent to grab you by your tallywhacker or to run his/her hands down your daughter's pants.

Good. It's about damn time.

The Senate was poised to deliver a 30 - 1 vote to pass it, and the governor couldn't wait to sign it into law. Lone Star State fighting lone battle with TSA.

One putz, one political puke held it up due to blustering and threats from the federal government.

David Dewhurst, our lieutenant governor has aspirations of a higher office. Every morning when he gets up and looks in the mirror, he smiles and says, "Why good morning, Senator."

Kay Bailey Hutchison is not seeking another term in the Senate, so that seat is up for grabs.

Apparently some Washington goons got wind of Dewhurst's senatorial aspirations and began leaning on him about making Texas into essentially a "no-fly zone." Both TSA and DOJ said they would cancel flights if TSA could not guarantee the safety of the flight. So Dewhurst pretty much scuttles the agenda, and with it, the passage of HB1937.

Give me a freaking world-class break. TSA couldn't guarantee pimples on a thirteen-year-old chocolate taste tester. How many terrorists and the such has TSA caught since the day of their inception? ZERO.

The stupid-assed idiots at DOJ can't even decide when and where to hold the trials of the raghead(s) responsible for 9/11--and that is coming up on TEN YEARS. Yet, these government shit-for-brains think that the TSA can guarantee what is safe and what isn't safe coming out of Texas airports?

Message to TSA and DOJ: Kiss my Lone Star State ass.

Utah and Oklahoma, two other states with balls, are closely watching our situation. As I understand, Utah has a similar bill and the minute we (Texas) pass ours, Utah will almost immediately pass theirs. Then so will Oklahoma.

And what will the feds do then? Make Utah, Oklahoma and Texas "no-fly zones?"

Good luck with that.

A state senator from Houston, Dan Patrick, rose to the occasion and called Dewhurst for the political prick he is. Enough hell got raised that Dewhurst has recommended to Rick Perry, governor, that the bill be included on the recently enacted special session of the Texas legislature.

It will be interesting to see what kind of sway TSA and DOJ will have over Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and Continental Airlines--all Texas-based major carriers. My guess is "not much."

After all, the bill doesn't stop TSA from x-raying and screening and wanding and performing normal pat-downs. It prohibits TSA from sexually assaulting passengers.

I only wish the bill had also mandated profiling--as in, search all young males of Middle East descent or appearance.

So go ahead, TSA and DOJ, try a no-fly zone around here and see what you get. We can make that work BOTH ways, as in we can refuse incoming flights from Chicago or Washington or DC or LA. In the meanwhile, we're a big state and we'll continue to fly our citizens from Amarillo to Austin and from Lubbock to Beaumont, Houston to El Paso and so on.

Conversely, we'll make arrangements to fly to Oklahoma and Utah, as they will with us.

And hopefully, David Dewhurst will do everything possible to see this bill through.

If not, he can kiss his senate dream good-bye.


Southern Belle said...

I love how you just put it all out there. Well said, neighbor, well said!

Tam said...

Thing is, the same bill passed by UT or OK would be meaningless.

There are three airports in this nation that, by their closure, could bring air travel in the USA to a screeching halt: ATL, ORD, LAX, and DFW.

ORD and LAX are right out, but the governors of either Texas or Georgia could make themselves the most popular Republican in the country by signing off on a bill like this, even if they got shot down in court.

Jeremy said...

I don't believe for a second that UT and OK passing such a law would be meaningless.

I believe the three states passing laws may just lend some guts to other, less assertive states.

An Ordinary American said...

It would make for some interesting scenarios.

SLC (identifier for Salt Lake City) could have some ramifications. Salt Lake has almost taken over as the new Silicon Valley hi-tech center. Lot of computer and technology business flies in and out of there.

Those are companies with HUGE amounts of money and well-oiled lobbying machines.

OKC and TUL get a lot of medical traffic, as well as oil & gas/energy commerce through their airports--coming and going.

Granted, DFW and HOU would be the two big ones, and if Georgia followed suit, the combination of "no-fly zones" that would prohibit interstate travel between DFW, HOU, ATL and adding OKC, TUL, SLC would give the libs and pro-TSA idiots a serious case of indigestion.