Tuesday, June 7, 2011

As requested. Links to discussions and articles claiming Vietnam vets spit on is simply urban mythology.

In the previous writing, a veteran asked me to provide a few links I found when researching for the blog post.

I only hope he can remain in control as he reads them. I was ready to smash a hammer into my keyboard and monitor, so enraged I became.

I witnessed a spitting incident, in person, in Austin when I was eleven years old. I also witnessed a gaggle of "good ol' redneck boys" beat the ever living shit out of those stinking, maggot-infested pinko communist draft-dodging assholes, too. There were cops there, but they kept getting "distracted" while trying to maneuver over to where the radicals were having their asses hacked up, stomped up and handed back to them.

Again, I was eleven years old and the rage that I felt was unlike anything I'd ever felt before. I remember in the late 60's, my mom and I would roll the black & white tv (only tv we had) into the kitchen and watch the CBS News because they'd almost always do a couple of camera pans of the soldiers.

We were looking for my uncle, my momma's brother, who'd been drafted and was boots on the ground over there. His letters home spoke of the fear they had and the horrors they had seen. He was--and still is--a hero to me.

That someone would spit on any soldier coming home simply because he did his duty was unthinkable.

Here are some links in which academic geniuses, pinkos, and just general all-around cowards claim "urban myth" when it comes to the disrespectful treatment our vets returning from Southeast Asia received:

Snopes tries to debunk this--the great "unbiased" Snopes who has all the credibility of the Kenyan imposter

And this, from Jerry Lembcke with support from Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW): Spitting on the Troops: Old Myth, New Rumors

And here's a discussion in which the new age pinkos try to paint this as a "right wing smear against war protesters" A way to discredit war protesters

And here's a guy I'd like to have a few vets I know meet up with. He also admits (or claims) to be a Vietnam Vet against the war. The spitting on Vietnam veterans; BULLSHIT!

And from another "academic" Exploding an urban myth: Returning vets were never spit upon

Sorry folks, there are lots more out there--mainly from the same brand of skunk feces, but my blood pressure is near stroke-level and I cannot take any more of this.


RVN11B said...

I wish to thank you for your posting of the links concerning 'spitting on returning soldiers from Viet Nam.'

I have evidently mellowed out a great deal since my return from that war.

However, though I did not succumb to the intense desire to go stomp someone in to the dirt, I do feel that slow burn, still, deep inside.

Being labeled a murderer, baby killer, and war criminal will never, ever be forgotten or forgiven. Now, since reading those links, I will add liar to the list.

I will remain civil here. My opinions of those people are lower than that smelly substance I clean off my boots after cleaning the barn.

On second thought I will not insult good fertilizer by comparing that stuff to the garbage they printed.

Okay I will confess I am pissed beyond all reason right now.


An Ordinary American said...


I tried, I really did, to keep my temper in check when reading that pile of steaming camel manure.

I failed.

Again, my hat is off to you folks who served, endured and survived Southeast Asia.

These "urban myth" portrayals are nothing but BS by limp-dick penis wrinkles.