Saturday, June 4, 2011


I'm talking about the Kenyan imposter here.

Is it "President Of The United States?" (POTUS) or is it "President United Socialist States?" (PUSS)

We know for certain that he is not a capitalist. We know for certain, thanks to his infamous quip to Joe the Plumber, that he thinks "spreading the wealth around is a good thing." We know he has no problem doing hostile takeovers of private businesses, federalizing them, ramming new regulations into them, then releasing them, ostensibly, back into the public sector. We know he feels the poor should have to pay nothing for everything (taxes, healthcare, houses, automobiles, food, etc) and that the successful should have to pay everything for everybody.

And we know he wants to disarm the American people in order to achieve all of this.

Face it: the son of a bitch is a socialist.

If every state in the nation had buckled like Illinois and Massachusetts and New York, and of course, California, we would no longer have POTUS, but PUSS.

There is another definition of PUSS and damn near every elected official inside the Beltway fits it to a "T." But that's another rant for another rainy day.

A couple of months ago, the Washington Times did an excellent piece on Obama and whether or not he is a socialist. Kind of a "if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck" piece except the writer used the Jeff Foxworthy analogy of You might be a socialist if. . .

Some of these are perfect, like "If you believe it's greedy for Americans to want to keep more of their own hard-earned money, but it's okay for the government to confiscate it and then redistribute it to those who didn't earn it, you may be a Socialist."

Or, "If you think the White House Party crashers are bad people because they showed up uninvited, threatened security and partook of food and drink they weren't entitled to, but feel that we should grant instant amnesty to over 12 million illegal aliens who've crashed our borders, you may be a Socialist."

Economic experts are worried that we are heading for another true "great depression," but the imposter shrugs it off. He points to job growth but omits the fact that almost half of all "new" jobs "created" under his regime have been government jobs. The other half have been of the fast-food and entry-level retail nature.

Nothing wrong with the latter, but the pay is such that most will still be beholden to the government for some sort of assistance of guidance. And coincidentally enough, there happens to be a huge new influx of government workers just now employed to help make that happen.

Checked your phone bill or cell phone bill lately? How about your cable tv bill? Taxes on those services went up. Gas prices? Same thing. Utility bills? Same thing. On the other side of the coin, the imposter's regime continues to cut from the military (one of the few branches of government that actually earns its pay) and redistribute that money into social programs.

"Social." There's that pesky word again.

And about those jobs again. . . Why are we outsourcing to foreign countries jobs that our own citizens could do. Walgreens outsourced almost its entire accounting division to Genpact, an Indian company. That's 500 jobs no longer going to an American company--even though for years Walgreens hailed itself as "The Pharmacy America Trusts."

How much money does Walgreens get from the federal government in terms of healthcare related programs and reimbursements? Bottom line is that our tax dollars are being used to fund and prop up foreign businesses. Walgreens isn't alone in this, and that's why we, as Americans, stupidly excuse such practices. We're lazy and we're about the moment and about ourselves.

That's how the Kenyan imposter got elected. And that's how he's put so much of his "We're gonna change America" garbage into place. Check out the graphic below. It tells you what you need to know. Anything look familiar so far?

We better get smart, folks. And soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm just a teenager and I can tell just by reading what you wrote, you have no clue what a socialist is. Obama is not a socialist, he isn't even close. How would I know? I am a diehard socialist myself and much like the right wing, I don't like Obama. But I dislike the right wing even more.

An Ordinary American said...

Ahhh, another teenager who has the world figured out and is an expert on politics.

And wants the rest of us to pay her way.