Wednesday, June 29, 2011

IF Rick Perry runs, here's what I want him to do

IF Perry decides to run, I would only want him to run under the following conditions:

1. While campaigning, do NOT tone down the anti-Washington, anti-Establishment and anti-RINO rhetoric you've been using up to this point. The truth hurts the Beltway bozos and they NEED to be hurt.

Take one of those Texas red, white and blue Tony Lama boots you wear and keep it up the Washington establishment's elitist ass during the ENTIRE campaign.

2. If/When you get to the White House, CLEAN HOUSE. That means EVERYONE. No hold-overs. Even the stewards and military (Navy) personnel go. Give it a COMPLETE cleaning. All new people and all new people from the Tea Party. No exceptions.

3. You will have a majority House. Use it. Beat the damned Senate into submission. If the Senate balks and pussyfoots around the way Reid and Graham and others are notorious for, turn Sarah Palin loose, nationally, to organize immediate recall petitions and elections to replace the bums.

Either that or have Chuck Norris drop kick their ass right off the planet.

4. Turn a deaf ear to the mainstream media. Revoke every damn one of their White House press passes. Tell them to go get real jobs. Start fresh. Review each press pass and research the reporter. Get the hell rid of oxygen thieves like Helen Thomas, who thankfully got herself booted out. But that ugly old cow is only one--lot more to go.

5. Promise that you will NEVER bow to some Saudi buttwipe wearing a keffiyeh or any other leader of any other country. This is the United States. We don't bow. Period. Anyone who doesn't like it, let us know. We'll revoke your foreign aid.

6. Tell the United Nations to kiss our Red, White & Blue ass. Charge them rent--the exact same amount as our national debt since we've incurred much of it bailing their sorry asses out all the way back to Korea. Either the UN pays up or their ghetto space in NYC goes up for sale.

And finally. . .

7. Move to have Congress meet once every two years, same as they do here in Texas. the less we have those assholes in their offices, the less damage they can do.

That should just about do it.

Any by the way, one media outlet has already predicted a Perry victory and given five reasons why Perry will kick the crap out of the Kenyan imposter in 2012.

Hard to argue with any of them.


Southern Belle said...

Good points AOA though 4 is a little sketchy. Free press as shitty as they are is a good thing. I don't ever want a President to pick and choose their own press corps.

Old NFO said...

Love ALL of them, but this one is the best!!!

"Move to have Congress meet once every two years, same as they do here in Texas. the less we have those assholes in their offices, the less damage they can do."

Amen to that!

Tango Juliet said...

No more automatic income tax withholding from paychecks! Allow everyone the privilege of writing .gov a check every two weeks.

National elections to be moved to April 16th.


Anonymous said...

I know what you're saying Belle and agree with it as far as it goes. But the media doesn't even pretend to be objective anymore.

I would boot them out wholesale and put everything out on the internet instead. Why not answer your tough questions directly? Why do we need rag sheets like The New York Slimes to ask them for you? Do you want the spin and axe grinding that will accompany their questions? Stupid people can read crap by idiots like Helen Thomas on the internet. I see no further need for an elite 'punditry', myself.

The internet gives us the option. Let's use the technology to put the news from the Whitehouse right in YOUR house where YOU can comment on it, discuss it with others and form your own opinions rather than filtering it through the media.

The lefties would go ape - but screw them. They have their own websites and can use them just like everyone else.

Just my two bits, I think the mainstream media is obsolete, and regard their ethics as beneath contempt.

RVN11B said...

I say 'HELL YEAH!' to all the above.

Can't add a single thing to the list.

An Ordinary American said...

Belle--I know what you're saying, but the present press corps needs to go. Period. They have an agenda and have had an agenda since the Slick Willie days.

Remember: It is THIS press corps that blamed EVERYTHING on George W Bush and who continues to do so.

Get rid of every last damned one of them and start from scratch.

Old NFO--The less Congress is in session, the less damage they can do. It really is that simple.

We've proven that right here in Texas.

Tango Juliet--I've long held the belief that Americans should have to write a check to the IRS, the state, and the city (if you live in a hellhole where city income taxes are charged to you) on every payday.

I'll guarantee you our government would be a hell of a lot smaller than it is right now.

RVN11B--I have a few more ideas, but first things first.