Monday, June 27, 2011

Gun owners. Uneducated white trash with an obsession

First, let me heartily congratulate the patriotic citizens of Wisconsin and every other patriot in America who worked, lobbied and supported their concealed carry law. I'm proud to have tossed a few dollars towards the effort.

This now leaves Illinois sitting all alone at the back of the bus. Perhaps the rest of the state can find a way to divorce itself from Chicago?

Back to Wisconsin. I like the place. It is home to both Oshkosh and Green Bay--two meccas of mine.

Oshkosh is where a gathering of aviators and airplane builders and aviation enthusiasts come each year to be young, to be filled with awe and excitement and to stare with wonder at all the marvelous flying machines that show up.

Green Bay, of course, is home to the Packers. Growing up, I was a Dallas Cowboys fan and a Green Bay Packers fan. I was--and remain so--a huge fan of Vince Lombardi and the Packers of his era.

The problem with traveling to Wisconsin was one of being stripped of civil rights--namely, being at the mercy of criminals who paid no attention to the "no guns on your body" laws.

The playing field is now even, and predictably, the anti-gun cowards are in a tizzy. According to one, who goes by "Wiseowl1960" on the comments section of a Fox News story about a Wisconsin jewelry store owner not allowing CHLs in his store while carrying, we gun-owners are "uneducated white trash."

*Note* I read the stories published on the web, but more importantly, I also read the comments by readers that are published immediately after the story. This is where I feel we get a much better understanding of the mood and opinion regarding the story.

To that end, the story talks about Robert Haack Diamonds, in Greenfield, not wanting armed, law-abiding people in his jewelry store for "fear of them wanting to negotiate price."


The man is taking some heat over this. No problem. His store, his rules, his right--more or less--to say who can come in his store and who cannot.

Or is it?

What if he said, "I don't want any black people coming in and buying flashy pimp-looking jewelry." Would that be okay?

Me personally, I think Jesse Jackson would make it to Greenfield, Wisconsin at Mach 3 speed with Al Sharpton already there ahead of him.

What if the jewelry store owner said, "No handicapped people. I don't want to risk anyone getting hurt by slipping on the wheelchair ramp when it snows." Would that be okay? Don't think so. Or if the guy said, "No blind people. They can't see what they're looking at anyway, so what does it matter?"

I'm for property rights, believe me. But I'm also for civil rights and for too long, the Second Amendment has been treated as "no right at all."

Which brings me back to the asshat Wiseowl1960 and some of his ridiculous comments. I"m gonna give him a little fame here by publishing a few excerpts of his:

confirms what many people believe about gun owners, i.e. that you're uneducated white trash with an obsession.

* * * * *

NOTE: HE RUNS A JEWELRY STORE. He has every right to say "no guns in my store." He has an obligation to protect his customers and his employees from harm.

* * * * *

No business owner can gaurantee your safety, especially in a business like a jewelry store, gun store, bank, cash store, etc. If you choose to carry a weapon for "self protection" then you take responsibility not only for your own safety but those around you. Can you guarantee anyone else in the store you won't shoot them by accident or intent because you carry a concealed weapon? Are you prepared to pay damages or compensation for injuring or killing an innocent by stander because you whip your weapon to "protect yourself?" Are you prepared to go to jail for manslaughter or murder if you do?

* * * * *

He all ready puts himself and his employees at risk by operating a store with a higher risk of being robbed. He doesn't owe you or anyone else an explanation for saying don't bring your gun into my store.

* * * * *

I also expect a few pharamacies are going to opt out as well. There's been too many robberies, death, and near-murders of innocent people by robbers who use their guns to gain access to drugs.

* * * * *

Reading this makes me wonder who is uneducated and I would urge nanny pacifists like Wiseowl1960 to do a little research and utilize a little common sense as to how well "signs" have stopped criminals in the past years.

Perhaps Wiseowl1960 might feel safer in Chicago.


Kim said...

Comments like that are what really get me. It also shows how little people actually pay attention to the law and the stats. My CCW takes classes and extensive FBI background checks. Then once carrying do you truly belive I will use the gun I fought for to rob you? To intimidate you? Ugggggg......... Makes me want to scream. My guess is Mr. Lovely would get all sorts of red flags on his check. Easier to be an uneducated jackwad than admit no one would consent to arming him. Just hope me and my gun is around when he gets car jacked.

North said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Lila - it is people that can't follow this simple logic that want to disarm the good guys and think that magic signs will stop the bad guys.

Tango Juliet said...

And this is what our betters say about us in public.

Southern Belle said...

I have this argument with lib-tards all the time. "Why does anyone really NEED a handgun? an assault rifle?" etc. etc.

My retort is always, "why should the government be allowed to have a gun that I'm not allowed to have? we are a self governed people, we elect our government. Our Constitution was written to limit the GOVERNMENT not the people."

I simply do not trust a government that doesn't trust me with a gun.

An Ordinary American said...


I respond to the "Why do you need (name the gun)" bullshit with a simple response of, "NEED has nothing to do with it. It's about RIGHTS. Period."

About half the libturds will come back with the "Yeah, but WHY--" and I cut them off again.

I explain that this comes from the Law of the Land--The United States Constitution. I further explain that I don't give a shit what their interpretation of it is, what their WISH of it is or anything else like that.

I explain in short, precise detail that people like myself swore an Oath to protect it and defend it against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, and that we then went immediately thereafter and put on our nation's uniform and began doing exactly that.

I have no problem reminding the idiot in front of me arguing for gun-control (or any other violation of the Bill of Rights) that I'm not through defending the Constitution because the Oath did not stipulate when my obligation to protect it would end, nor did it stipulate that I could only defend it while wearing a uniform.

By this time, the liberal looney bird has usually backed off and is looking for the nearest exit.

I just don't tolerate their bullshit. Just don't.

I've tried the nice ways, the "tactful" ways, the patient ways and more.

All failed.

Today it is "Get the F*** out of my face if you don't like it."

Inevitably a few respond by calling me an asshole, to which I agree--and then I also remind them that I'M the one with the guns, not them and that I'M the one not afraid or hesitant to employ violence when and where appropriate and necessary.

That gets rid of any remaining stragglers.

I drew a hard line in the sand the day of September 11, 2001 while watching my nation get attacked by a bunch of stinking goat herders.

When the Kenyan imposter was elected, then anointed, I poured concrete in that line and haven't looked back.

Some warned me that that approach wouldn't make me any friends. On the contrary. I've found more like-minded people using THIS approach with libturds than I ever did by trying to "be nice."


Tango Juliet said...

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. -- William Pitt (The Younger)

Mudbug said...


1st off, my wife and I breed boer goats. I don't remember attacking anyone any September that I can recall. And my wife makes me shower once a week, if I need it or not.

2nd, I got my degree at LSU. I just like to let people from Texas know that. Yup, that LSU with tailgating and really good football. And baseball. Well, maybe not this year, but next year we'll be in the world series again.

I never owned a gun until I moved to South Colorado, in the middle of nowhere. The kind of nowhere where police response is measured in hours. Now I have many. And my moonbat friends are all in a tizzy. "Mudbug, guns are evil, guns are bad."
"But I have goats and coyotes think they are tasty..."
"Call animal control."
That's when I bang my head on the wall and give up. Moonbats and city slickers that think that the police or Batman will come and save them are the ones most opposed to guns.

Old NFO said...

I've got degrees too... and 22 years active duty defending those asshats 'right' to say what they believe, but when they start that crap with me, I ask them if they have insurance, a fire extinguisher, etc... I push the argument right back to them and watch them go nuts :-)