Thursday, June 9, 2011

A blight upon the Gun Community

Every community seems to have its share of alpha-hotels, and unfortunately, within the gun community, we are on occasion all too well represented.

During my college days after the military, it was the "gun show Rambos." You know them--the guys who scoured every Army/Navy surplus store for a hundred miles looking for just the right set of jungle fatigues so that they could wear the pants only--bloused, of course--with a Special Forces t-shirt that usually read something like, "Mess with best, die like the rest."

These asshats always walked around with a Mini-14 slung over their shoulder, aviator sunglasses on, sometimes a beret or a boonie hat and they told tales of heroism to everyone within earshot. "Why, I was a one-man gook killing MACHINE over in 'Nam. Those little nippers had bounties on my head that would pay off France's national debt!"

They were about as believable as a television commercial for Pepto-Bismal curing diarrhea.

In reality, what they were was a disgrace to the honorable gun community. And unfortunately, it seems we have another less-than-honorable representation, but this time in the form of a gun blogger by the name of "Gunmart."

Allow me to explain.

One of my favorite blogs is The Breda Fallacy. Talk about your pro-gun bloggers, not to mention pro-gun women, not to mention pro-gun academics. . . Breda is all of that and more. She's good people, as we say where I live.

We need more pro-gunners like her and less like Gunmart.

So what did Gunmart do to get my ire up?

Well, it's not just my ire. I'm just one of around 300 pro-gun writers and bloggers at the moment who puts Gunmart in the same category as the Kenyan imposter when it comes to being a publicity whore or shock jock.

This post from Breda herself explains it all.

At present, she has 80 comments and counting, all in strong support of her. At issue, for anyone who didn't click on the link, is that Breda's husband took a picture of her in open-carry mode, of which Breda posted on her blog and of which Gunmart used on HIS blog and without her permission.

Eh, okay. That's kind of crass enough. But it was what he titled his post with her picture on it that has the community's collective hackles raised and teeth bared.

"Breda Porn."

For the record, I'm an old-school Texas gentleman when it comes to the womenfolk. If someone hung a "porn" tag next to my wife or my daughter's name, I'd hang an ass-whipping on them. Pronto and period. It's just that simple. Where I come from, you don't do that to another man's woman. Ever. If you do, you will suffer the consequences. Maybe the big cities like Dallas and Houston and the cesspool (Austin) have become more tolerant, thanks to the liberal yankee hordes who couldn't find decent work anywhere in their own states so they invaded ours.

But in the rural areas, especially in my old stomping grounds of west Texas, you didn't do that. And you still by-God don't do that even to this day.

Breda sent Gunmart a polite, albeit firm, e-mail requesting that he immediately pull the picture as he had exactly zero authorization to use it. She also asked that he re-do his title so as to take away the "porn" moniker behind her name.

Well, eventually the picture came down--but the "porn" is still there. I'm sure it's generating hits for his blog which means he's making money off calling another man's wife a harlot.

That is the kind of guy my grandma used to call a shit-ass.

The blog is

It's a good one to steer clear of.

When people go out of their way to prove to me that they have a serious lack of character and a deficiency in their ethics, I no longer have any reason to be nice or understanding with them.

Word is starting to spread rapidly. REAL rapidly. Not good for business. Some are already taking aim at his advertisers.

Good. He's a blight on all of us.


breda said...

Thank you so much for your (wonderfully written) support. Men like you must be the reason why people say, "God bless Texas!"

Matt said...

it sort of make you wonder, by ready his comment on Breda's blog, if this is how he talks to all the women.

Mike W. said...

I wondered the same thing Matt. Common decency, like common sense, isn't as common as you'd think.

It seems he needs a lesson in manners, but I don't think he has any intention of learning.

Great post AOA!

Kim said...

Beautifully written and one of the reasons Texas has my heart. Of my many moves Texas is my favorite because of the values, the community, the way women are treated, and how family sticks together. You rock!

Scott McCray said...

Outstanding post. I have had the pleasure of meeting Breda at the past two NRAAM events - and folks simply aren't made any finer. To say she didn't deserve this treatment is an understatement. The outpouring of gunnie blogger support is a thing of beauty - and it has shown me some blogs that I was missing in my blogroll (like this one).

An Ordinary American said...

Breda--you're more than welcome.

Thing is, I despise apathy. Apathy got us in the political and economic situation we're in. Always waiting for "someone else" to do something rarely works.

Down below, Scott correctly writes that you didn't deserve this. No woman does. No woman deserves to have "porn" next to her name unless she is willfully working in the "adult entertainment" industry.

A downhome girl from Ohio? No way.

You were right for calling Gunmart out, and everyone that has hammered him has also been right.

Old NFO said it best on another blog when he said Gunmart is just "a total ass."


John B said...

Came over from Breda's place. I'm only wishing I was the man I thought I was twenty five years ago. I'd have already re-enacted some scenes from "Citizens Band" with a sledgehammer and wire cutters.

Over at Gunmart's house!